Da li je Mesec veci nego sto ga mi zamisljamo

Da li je Mesec veci nego sto ga mi zamisljamo

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One of the morenoted optical illusions in the annals of visual deception appeared in the night sky this week when a giant full moon appeared on the horizon.

The giant ball of yellow-white light made the Moon appear to linger for longer, and Earth's satellite seemed larger at that point in its journey across the sky than at any other position.

In fact, the size of the Moon in the sky does not vary and its apparent enlargement on the horizon is purely a trick of the eye. It was first written about by the ancient Chinese and Greeks - although scientists are still arguing over its cause.

The illusion was especially visible on Wednesday night because this month's full moon coincided with the summer solstice, while clear skies gave spectacular views as the moon rose slowly above the horizon.


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