Pticoliki dinosaurus evoluirao u vegeterijanca!

Pticoliki dinosaurus evoluirao u vegeterijanca!

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Birdlike dinosaur was probably vegetarian

Originally published May 6, 2005

Researchers probing a dinosaur graveyard in Utah say they've discovered a new species - a birdlike, feathered creature that opens a window into how dinosaurs evolved from meat eaters into vegetarians.

Falcarius utahensis walked on two legs, was about 13 feet long, stood about 4 1/2 feet tall, had sharp 4-inch claws and was likely covered with shaggy, hairlike "proto feathers."

Scientists aren't sure if this particular dinosaur ate meat, plants or both. But its skeleton shows features associated with the development of plant-eating: a broad gut equipped to digest vegetation, stubby legs (presumably because it didn't have to chase prey) and leaf-shaped teeth designed to shred plant material,

"I doubt seriously that this animal could have cut a steak with that mouth," said James Kirkland, Utah's state paleontologist and a co-author of a paper that describes the find, which was published yesterday in the journal Nature.

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Znaci, u pitanju je karika koja nedostaje!

Killer dino 'turned vegetarian'

The creature provides a "missing link" in dinosaur evolution.
The "mass graveyard" of a bird-like dinosaur has been uncovered in Utah, US, Nature magazine reports this week.

Scientists believe the previously unknown species was in the process of converting to vegetarianism from a rather more bloodthirsty diet.

Falcarius utahensis seems to represent an intermediate stage between a carnivorous and herbivorous form.

The creature, which lived about 125 million years ago, provides a "missing link" in dinosaur evolution.

"Falcarius represents evolution caught in the act, a primitive form that shares much in common with its carnivorous kin, while possessing a variety of features demonstrating that it had embarked on the path toward more advanced plant-eating forms," said co-author Scott Sampson, of the Utah Museum of Natural History.


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