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What's New in Version 1.03.131:
- Added detailed view of Analysis and Cleaning results.
- Added secure deletion (up to 35 times overwrite).
- Improved detection of uninstall applications.
- Added support for multiple profiles in Google Chrome.
- Cleaning non standard applications now need to be enabled by the user.
- Improved cleaning of browsers while the browser is running.
- Removed prompt for password when cleaning Recent Servers.
- Improved handling of Wipe Free Space.
- Fixed issue that could cause Safari extension settings to be removed.
- Improved cleaning of Spotlight searches.
- Fixed cleaning of Internet History in Google Chrome.
- Added warning dialog for User Downloads.
- Fixed repaint issue in 10.7.3 in Cookies section.

CCleaner for Mac supports OSX 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7, along with all current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


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CCleaner 1.14.451

New in CCleaner 1.14.451

Added macOS Sierra Beta compatibility (10.12)
Updated Chrome history cleaning
Updated Safari Session and Form history cleaning
Optimized startup routine
Further improved high DPI support
Minor GUI improvements
Minor bug fixes


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