Far Cry pomoc

Far Cry pomoc

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U Far Cry na nivou cooler zaglavio sam se sa onom ribom Valeriom trebam kao da je spasim takav mi je zadatak,gde trebam da idem,sta treba dalje da radim,vrtim se u krug sve sam zivo pokusao i nasta ako neko zna kako neka javi

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Ako se do sada nisi snasao:

Citat: [l-13]//: Cooler
__________ __________ __________ __________
~/.///././//\~ ---- ~/.///././//\~ ---- ~/.///././//\~ ---- ~/.///././//\~
������������ ������������ ������������ ������������
Cooler is one of the most difficult levels in the game. Period. There�s no
clear-cut way to handle this level�s trigens, who are in greater number here
than anywhere previous Sad

--- OBJECTIVE: Find the security switch to access the elevator ---------------

Once again, this objective is not listed in the beginning, but precedes the
initial goal given. Therefore I list it first.

This FUN FUN level greets you with a pair of huge ass rocket trigens. Well we
don�t need to stick around so right out of the lift, go through the door
straight ahead. They won�t be able to follow you, since they are too big to fit
through it. However, the door you run through is straight into an ongoing
battle between Krieger�s staff and rebelling trigens, though its much easier
fight than taking on a duo of rocket trigens in close quarters.

After clearing the room, go through the door on the northwest side. Well
actually, don�t go through it, else become victim to the crossfire from the
fight within. This whole bloody place is pure chaos! Wait for the shooting to
die down and go to the west end of the tunnel, to the turret. Grab the key,
then man the turret to take out any remaining trigens. Go back to the previous
room and use the key on the terminal next to the door.

More trigen mania awaits you in the following tunnels. There are ventilation
shafts, but they offer only a false sense of security as they are worthless in
this area. You�re going to have to battle the trigens head on. Past this tunnel
and into some more chaotic fighting is a door labeled �Archives 1-8.� Ignore
the violence going on around you and go through the door. Head down to the end
of the hall (east) and turn right (south), fighting obligatory battles with
local mutants along the way.

You�ll come to a chamber with a very large, yellow machine incubating a rocket
trigen. Climb the steps, go through the only working door on the landing to an
anteroom. There you can finally take a breather...because out the door only
more strife awaits you. Bite the bullet and emerge with guns ablazing for the
trigen on the other side. Grab the ammo by the incubator then proceed into the
next hall; here you ought to hide behind the cart by the door and wait out the
battle. Once silences resumes, strafe right and toss a grenade into the room to
clear away the hostiles. Grab the hp, and flip the switch in that room.

--- OBJECTIVE: Go to Valerie�s last known position ---------------------------

Carry on northward to return to the chamber with the hologram of a trigen.
Enter the door entitled �Main Elevator.� Inside you�ll fight with three
trigens, one of which is invisible. Next to the elevator you�ve got to descend
is a health pack, so grab that before going down.

Once the elevator reaches bottom you�ll be thrown into another brawl between
human and mutant. Skip it and go to the north end of the room, to the door with
the sign above it saying �Security Station.� Inside are some supplies, grab
them and kill the mercs around the corner. Up the stairs you�ll find a pair of
lackeys shooting into a large auditorium. They won�t notice you at first, so
use this to your advantage as you kill them.

Head into the auditorium into which they so frantically shot; use the catwalks
to run like hell to the east end. Drop down and flood the room by turning the
valve. This will drown everything here...including you if you don't get to the
hole in the ceiling.

Going through the vents at a snail�s pace is adequate time to reload your
assault or even small arms weapons...you�ll need to for the level�s climax, as
it�s a toughie and there aren�t any more saving points. Right out of the vent a
rocket trigen will approach. Run by him (shoot him a few times so he doesn�t
hit you as you pass) to the next room, where another pair of trigens are;
you�ve got to hurry, because the trigen you stood up back there *will* follow
you. If this is too difficult you may want to slowly take out the rocket
trigen...though in such close quarters it�s very hard to avoid his rocket

In the next area you�ll find Val, battling some monkey trigens, who are easy
enough. Finish them off and cutscene will commence.

[ NOTE : If Val is not fighting as you enter the room and no trigen�s emerge,
you�ve just experienced a level-restarting glitch. Many people have
experienced this and apparently, the only way to get around it is to
restart the level. Sorry Sad ]

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Molim za pomoc kako da namestim parametre za cheats.Pokusavao sam na razne nacine ali mi nije poslo za rukom.Pratio sam upustva ali kod mene ne funkcionise. Embarassed Molim za pomoc Exclamation

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FarCry je FPS, nije avantura

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hvala na pomoci.Ali mene interesuje nesto drugo.Ja ne igram igrice potrebno mi je za mog sina.Tako da se izvinjavam ako sam na pogresno mesto postavio topik.No ako neko zna resenje mog problema molio bih ga za odgovor.Unapred hvala.

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