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Otet sin Jevgenija Kasperskog

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3 miliona sta je to...sica Mr. Green

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Pa,da. Very Happy
S obzirom koliko je familija Kaspersky mocna,mogli su i vise da maznu.
Sa druge strane,otmicari su mozda isli na pricu da mu uzmu manje da bi se brzo i bez dvoumljenja isplatila suma za otkup.

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Napisano: 24 Apr 2011 18:28

izgleda da ni tih 3 miliona nije platio - ruska policija odradila pos'o.

Citat:Kidnapped Son of Kaspersky Lab’s Founder Freed Outside Moscow
[Apr 24, 2011 2:48 PM]

Russian security forces freed the son of Russian software businessman
Evgeny Kaspersky held hostage for a 3 million-euro ($4.4 million) ransom
outside Moscow.

Ivan Kaspersky, 20, was freed unharmed today and at least four people
were arrested in connection with the April 19 kidnapping, Moscow police
spokesman Viktor Biryukov told state television Rossiya-24. No ransom
was paid, RIA Novosti reported today, citing unidentified security

Evgeny Kaspersky, the founder of Kaspersky Lab, an anti- virus computer
security company, is Russia’s 125th richest man with an estimated
fortune of $800 million, according to Forbes magazine.

Dopuna: 24 Apr 2011 18:32

Citat:Russia frees software tycoon's kidnapped son
Sun, Apr 24, 2011

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Russian police on Sunday freed the son of software
tycoon Eugene Kaspersky after a five-day kidnap ordeal, ending one of
the highest-profile abduction dramas in the country in recent years.

Police officers, agents from the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the
special OMON police squad freed Ivan Kaspersky, 20, in the Moscow
region, Moscow police spokesman Viktor Birukov told Russian news

Reports said that officers posing as middlemen who were to handover a
ransom lured the kidnappers into a meeting and then arrested them before
they were supposed to hand over the funds.

Birukov said that five people had been detained on suspicion of
organising the kidnapping of the son of the founder and general director
of global anti-computer virus giant Kaspersky Lab.

"The condition of his (Ivan Kaspersky's) health is satisfactory,"
Birukov added.

The incident had been kept closely under wraps by the authorities and
Birukov's comments were the first official confirmation that Ivan
Kaspersky had even been abducted.

Unofficial reports had said last week the mathematics student at Moscow
State University was abducted on April 19 while on his way to his work
experience job as a programmer in the city.

Confusingly, a tabloid news website had reported on Friday that Ivan
Kaspersky had already been released and a ransom had been paid for his

Reports said that the kidnappers had telephoned Eugene Kaspersky while
he was in London earlier this week to make a ransom demand of three
million euros ($4.4 million). He then immediately flew to Moscow.

But security sources quoted by the Interfax news agency vehemently
denied any money had been handed over and said the release had been due
to a sophisticated operation by the police.

"The kidnappers were forced into an error," the source explained.

"They were promised money but when the time came to hand over the funds
the middleman was arrested and subsequently other perpetrators of the
crime as well. Ivan Kaspersky himself was freed," the source added.

The source said the suspected mastermind was a figure with a previous
conviction who had carried out the kidnapping with the aim of making a
financial profit.

Neither weapons nor force were used in the liberation operation, sources

Eugene Kaspersky, 45, co-founded Kaspersky Lab in 1997, building on a
decade of research into computer viruses. The company has emerged as one
of the world's leading anti-virus software firms.

His fortune is valued at $800 million by Forbes magazine, making him the
125th richest man in Russia.

The kidnappings of children of prominent businessmen is not uncommon in
Russia, although Ivan Kaspersky was the most prominent victim yet.

In 2009 criminals held the son of a vice president at state oil firm
Rosneft, Mikhail Stavsky. He was freed unharmed after a three-month

Viktoria Kisluk, the 16-year-old daughter of a top manager at Russia's
biggest private oil firm Lukoil, is still missing after vanishing in the
Moscow region in March.

Kaspersky studied computer science, cryptography and mathematics at a
Moscow institute used by the KGB intelligence service to train its

He later worked at a defence ministry research institute until 1991,
where he first began writing anti-virus programmes.

Kaspersky co-founded the company with his wife Natalya Kasperskaya. The
couple are divorced.

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