FastUbuntu 2011.07 (x32/x64) (Unity/Unity2d) Multilingual

FastUbuntu 2011.07 (x32/x64) (Unity/Unity2d) Multilingual

  • Pridružio: 14 Maj 2011
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FastUbuntu 2011.07 (x32/x64) (Unity/Unity2d) Multilingual | ENG, RUS | 2.75 GB
FastUbuntu assembly based on the original Ubuntu, which represents a number of advantages, additions and improvements.
After installation, you get ready FastUbuntu and optimized workstation without having to install and upgrade programs and packages, and Russification. Ie get everything you need for watching videos, listening to music, work with office documents, surfing the Internet, download torrent content, and more.
The assembly includes the latest drivers for video cards nVidia and ATI, which did not require the installation of Internet access.
Features FastUbuntu:
1. Distribution will be updated every month.
2. With each release, to be refined and improved.
3. There will always be available in your choice of the following working environment: Unity/Unity-2D, Gnome 2, Gnome 3
Changes from the original c Ubuntu:
- The operating system includes all the latest updates to the Ubuntu distribution for 25 July 2011.
- The main interface is Unity. For slower computers, installed interface Unity-2d instead of the standard Gnome 2.32.1.
- Removed standard movie player Totem, instead, a more functional set UMPlayer.
- Removed default audio player Banshee, instead set DeadBeef
- Email client Evolution, has been replaced by Thinderbird 5.
- Standard Empathy IM client, has been replaced by Pidgin c support Agent.
- The replacement of Firefox, is installed over a lightweight Chromium browser.
- Standard ubuntu icons are replaced by icons Faenza
- Added Quick Sheets (quicklists) for Unity panel.
- Added a local repository of the newest nVidia drivers and ATI video cards. Repository signed key, which gives a higher priority when updating drivers. (Ie, drivers will be installed on the local machine, not oscillate with the internet). Repository is here / usr/share/rx32 and / usr/share/rx64 according to your architecture.
Extras. Information:
Extras. program
- Skype 2.2 (beta)
- Google Earth 6
- Minitube
Additional programs:
- Ubuntu Restricted Extras
- Wine 1.3.25 and WineTricks
- Cheese
- Gimp
Program to configure the system:
- Ubuntu Tweak
- Compiz Config Manager
- Deja Dup
- Dconf Tools
- CpuFreq
- Weather
- M.A.R.S
- Open Transport Tycoon Delux (OpenTTD)
- Those Funny Funguloids!
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