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Za sada, da cuknem u drvu - pusta besprekorno WMA fajlove...


About XMMPlayer
XMMPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS that allows you to play video files from within XMMS using MPlayer as a back-end. Easy, plain and simple. Just add the files you wish to play to the XMMS playlist and hit "play". It currently detects AVI/MPEG, QuickTime, RealMedia, .BIN and ASF(WMV, WMA) files by identifying them using file-signatures ("magic"). OGG movies are detected by their extension (".OGM"). Please remember that is product is still in beta-stage and may not work on all systems and with all video files MPlayer supports. See the README section below for more info.


XMMPlayer - MPlayer plugin for XMMS

XMMPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS (http://www.xmms.org) that uses
MPlayer (http://www.mplayerhq.hu) to play video files.


* local file playback of AVI, MPEG, QuickTime and OGG movies using
* playback of HTTP and MMS media streams (see below)
* Playback of (individual) VCD tracks or DVD titles (see below)
* Shows info (length, audio-(nit)rate / channels) in XMMS
* uses magic to detect AVI, MPEG, RealMedia and QuickTime movies
(checks for .ogm extension to detect OGG movies, this to avoid MPlayer
playing OGG sound files, which have the same magic identifier)
* pause and seek in files from within xmms
* Constant, skinned and dockable video window (can be turned off in


XMMPlayer now features a fully skinned, dockable video window (if you don't
like it, you can turn it off in the options). The window uses the same skin
as the playlist window. You can only close the window when mplayer is not
running, you can minimize at all times. The window will not appear until it
is needed for the first time (the first time XMMPlayer decides to play
something). Switching to full screen is not possible at the moment.


If you want to play a VCD or DVD (or add it to the playlist) you can do so
by adding an URL, vcd:// for VCD's and dvd:// for DVD's. XMMPlayer will then
add an entry to the playlist called "VCD (all tracks)" or "DVD (all
titles)". Once you play one of those, XMMPlayer will scan the media to see
how many tracks / titles are available and add those tracks/titles to the
playlist (they will appear as "VCD track " or "DVD title ").
If you wish to add a specific track or title to the playlist, you can do so
by adding an url "vcd://tracknumber" ("vcd://1" for example) or
"dvd://titlenumber" ("dvd://1" for example).


XMMPlayer allows you to play networked media streams. To play a HTTP stream,
add location, replace "http://" with "mplayer://" in the url (this is
required as the mp3 plugin for xmms seems to eat everything). To play an MMS
stream, just add the location of the mms url.


* XMMPlayer can cause an infinite loop if mplayer was compiled with XMMS
input plugin support (mplayer tries to open XMMPlayer, which tries to
open mplayer which tries to open XMMPlayer, etc)

* XMMPlayer refuses to play OGM files that don't have a .ogm extension

Project Links

The project homepage is:

The homepage of MPlayer is:

The homepage of XMMS is:

Copyright (C) 2003 Hyriand - See COPYING


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