Dvije dimenzije mene - Inside out


Dvije dimenzije mene - Inside out

  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
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Hitchiker's guide to life

I can't really say what I'm feeling
It's funny, this life we're living
It gets you down, in a crunch
It throws a mean sucker punch
Makes you wonder what's the point
Of it all. It can often disappoint
And then from out of the blue
Makes your dreams come true
Gives you a reason to smile
And treats you right...for a while
But sooner or later, when all is said
And done, there's a price to be paid
There are new battles to be fought
And won, so always bear in mind
Life is cruel even when it's kind
It rarely gives anything, and never
gives for free. So don't you ever
Take it for granted, there always
Comes a fee. Life is a twisted maze
With many turns sudden, unexpected
Every crossroad needs to be respected
So weigh carefuly the cons and pros
Make sure you're always on your toes
Take some time every once in a while
To reflect, to look back at the last mile
Appreciate everything you've achieved
Make amends to anyone you've aggrieved
Try to stay honest and keep your head high
Remember every gentle kiss and sinful sigh
Know when to turn away, when to fight
And maybe it's all gonna turn out all right
But the most important lesson I can impart
Is always, always listen to your heart....

11th of October, 2016

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  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
  • Poruke: 52

Sinful plight

Baby, I wanna do things to you
Things no one's ever done before
And when I'm done, trough and trough
You'll be begging me for more
I'd start gentle, really, really slow
First I'd hold you, greet you with a kiss
Let the heat within you start to flow
And make you follow suit into bliss
You are beautiful, gentle, even frail
But I'd scratch you, bite you, tease you
I'd use my every breath, finger, every nail
And I wouldn't stop until I please you
I'd work for every guilty sigh you make
I'd make you squirm and scream my name
Until you've had more than you can take
And then treat you with more of the same
Again to make you squirm, squeal and perspire
To feel your body quiver in that sinful plight
To watch your beaming eyes burn with desire
And to quench that fire with divine delight

12th of October, 2016

  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
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  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
  • Poruke: 52

  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
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  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
  • Poruke: 52

As Earth finishes yet another lap
In it's walk arround the hosting Sun,
I can't but envy it it's known map;
Retracing in it the steps it's done.
Because every year I wish anew
For myself - alone - such a stroll!
Down the roads I once well knew
Trough the rustic alleys of my soul.
As my younger self to gently wake
In my sweet childhood's early home,
And count again the steps it takes
Across the valley, and the stream,
To the woods I once used to roam.
And once a year, I have this dream
Of visiting old friends, as they were
When friendship first they bestowed;
But with age and distance faces blur
And no map will lead me to that road.

Thus I'm burdened with memory pictorial,
Renewing vows to fight with every breath
Against time, that thief most raptorial!
To preserve the memories 'till my death.

  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
  • Poruke: 52


She knows not of my sleepless nights,
Nor the flame which my heart consumes;
Within me, yet again, the red wine fights
With the fainting memory of her perfume.
She knows not of the pain hope doth bring,
Nor the fear of love, when love is not returned;
How joyful life is, when love blooms in spring-
How cold the winter winds when love is spurned.
She knows not how much I have travailed,
Nor the distance I for her would travel;
In my heart of hearts, love always prevailed,
Yet, all I find is naught but dust and gravel.
Should she ever know these things to be the truth,
Her heart would be mine, her lips my pains would sooth.
4th of March, 2018


My heart awakened and picked up pace,
The instant fate hath brought thee fore my eyes;
Thine, casting light upon thy charming face,
Like stars appeared from unknown skies.
Thy shape so gainly, but thy spirit I admire;
Thy virtue and thy youth, liken'd to a baby duck,
Leave me with naught, but one sincere desire;
To keep by wit, or charm, or fool's simple luck,
Thy features with a smile for'er brighten'd;
Thy spirit free, binded not by man nor beast;
Thy heart never more to be frighten'd;
Thy horizons tenfold to be increased.
This - my wish for thee - to be true fulfill'd,
Needeth only by you, as well, to be will'd.
6th of May, 2018


What use have I of this wounded heart;
What reason for my eyes; the gift of sight?
When she, with ease, tears the first apart;
Renders second useless by taking with her Light?
Should the gods not grant me reason, 'least hint'er,
As to wherefore torturous I draw breath?
Why she abandons me to regency of Winter;
Wherefore her absence differs not from Death?
Dark 'templations under cloak of darker night -
Do they paint my soul just as black, as vain?
Should I wonder, ask, of her private plight;
Is it cruelty, wanting her to share my pain?
Nay, it is hope; for should she hurt in hurting me,
She may choose to end this pain and set us free!
16th of July 2018

  • Pridružio: 26 Okt 2006
  • Poruke: 52

That day on the bank of the river Rhine
You said goodbye, and held me as I cried,
I held your hand, and you held on to mine;
Held to you for my life and still I have died
That day on the bank of the river Rhine!
We layed in the grass and bided our time,
We drank bitter'st sorrow instead of wine,
As my life hanged on the toss of the dime
That day on the bank of the river Rhine!
Your silence rang in my ears so loud,
It ran trough my veins and up my spine -
Together but alone, lonely as a cloud -
That day on the bank of the river Rhine!
After countless tears, I descended down
Unstedy and blind, I braved the decline;
I closed my eyes and stepped to drown
That day on the bank of the river Rhine!
Hamlet's sleep of death I wished for me,
My life's own thread I wanted to untwine;
Yet, Death denied me, refused my plea
That day on the bank of the river Rhine!
The time has come, though, to be free-
Of pain and doubt, and this life of mine-
Perhaps 'tis nobler to suffer without thee;
Still, I return to the bottom of the Rhine!

29th of July, 2018

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