Announcing the release of Triance OS 1.0-BETA

Announcing the release of Triance OS 1.0-BETA

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Announcing the release of Triance OS 1.0-BETA

August 23rd 2004 (The Internet) - After years of researched and development, Triance Development Team proudly announced the first Beta released to the public. The Operating System based product offers variety of open source application bundled up with core system for users that really want the freedom of usage, re-development and cost effective towards the world globalizations era. Deriving from FreeBSD, a proven OS for the stability and excellent performance it is being redeveloped again towards achieving the stability, quality, simplicity and variety for the desktops environment users.

As this is the beta version, users are allowed to download the OS at upon registrations. The advantage for the pioneer user, they will be given a free access to the Triance Tivity. Triance Tivity is one of the added features that have being designed to gain an extra edge in differentiating it from the competitors.

The BETA version of the TrianceOS operating system is now available as of 23rd August 2004. Triance OS 1.0-BETA is a derivation from world known operating system, FreeBSD version 5.2.1 with the latest patch 9. It is a FIRST beta release for users worldwide.

The TrianceOS 1.0-BETA distribution consists of the full TrianceOS binary releases for 12 different ports category including the X.Org (the new X Window System), and the 175 of TrianceOS Package Collection. Complete source code also available through our website. Registrations are FREE and users are entitled to get the distribution.

About TrianceOS

The TrianceOS operating system is a full-featured, open source, UNIX-like operating system descended from FreeBSD 5.2.1 with patch 9. Currently, TrianceOS runs on Intel i386 (386/486/586/686/Pentium/Pentium Pro/Pentium II/Pentium III/Pentium IV/Xeon/Celeron/Pentium-M/AMD/Cyrix) architectures featuring 1 machine architectures across 12 distinct CPU families, and will be ported to different architecture sooner. The TrianceOS 1.0-BETA release contains complete binary releases only for Intel Architecture.

TrianceOS is a highly integrated system. In addition to its highly portable, high performance kernel and derivation from FreeBSD, TrianceOS features a complete set of user utilities, compilers for several languages, the X Window System, kernel firewall software and numerous other tools build especially on top of GUI (Graphical User Interface), all accompanied by full source code. The TrianceOS Packages Collection contains over 175 pre-compiled open source software binary packages and thousands of softwares available around the world to be compiled sooner.

Currently, Triance OS is free for beta testing. We’ll be glad to have volunteers of beta testers for us to maintain the operating system to the best performance and encourage more users to enhance the OS.
Development on TrianceOS

Sysinstall Installation

* Please refer to Installations User Manual to get the ideas of sysinstall system that we have modified. This includes cutting off user installation configurations into less than 6-7 steps as the default steps from FreeBSD will be more than 15.

Default pre-compilations
* Core system
* Third party packages


* Added Auto Mounting Daemon (AMD) for automatically mounting CD/DVD-ROM
* Enabling default rc.conf configurations
* Enabling splash screen on system startup.

X-Windows System

* Replacement of XFree86 to X.Org X-Windows System in /usr/ports/

xorg-clients (previously XFree86-clients)
xorg-libraries (previously XFree86-libraries)
xorg-fonts-100dpi (previously XFree86-font100dpi)
xorg-fonts-75dpi (previously XFree86-font75dpi)
xorg-fonts-cyrillic (previously XFree86-fontCyrillic)
xorg-fonts-encodings (previously XFree86-fontEncodings)
xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps (previously XFree86-fontDefaultBitmaps)
xorg-fonts-truetype (previously XFree86-fontScalable)
xorg-fonts-type1 (previously XFree86-fontScalable)
xorg-fontserver (previously XFree86-FontServer)
xorg-printserver (previously XFree86-PrintServer)
xorg-server (previously XFree86-Server)
xorg-vfbserver (previously XFree86-VirtualFramebufferServer)

KDE Desktop Manager (Base from KDE 3.2.3)


* Customizing programs path in application menu.


* Added new image file KDE
* Edited code for KDM to enabling automatic shutdown

* Disabling some unused default applications for KDEBASE.
* Modifications of splash screen on startup
* Installing new themes as the default for KDE.

3rd party software packages:

* Edited all and enabling auto packages installation/extraction visible on desktop after extractions. Note that, TrianceOS 1.0-BETA includes 175 of software packages and there will be 175 of pkg-plist files to be edited.
* Major 3rd party software available:
* kdeaccessibility-3.2.3
* openoffice-1.1.1
* linux_base-7.1_7
* wine-20040505
* kdegames-3.2.3
* kdegraphics-3.2.3
* xchat2-2.0.10
* thunderbird-0.7
* kdeutils-3.2.3
* kaffeine-0.4.3b
* kdemultimedia-3.2.3
* xmms-esound-1.2.10
* gaim-0.79
* k3b-0.11.9_1
* kdeadmin-3.2.3
* firefox-0.9.1
* kdebase-3.2.3
* kdelibs-3.2.3_1
* xorg-6.7.0
* And some other dependencies and libraries needed for the applications above.


* Modification on device files system to permit mostly on CD-ROM devices (to be use with K3b)

X-Windows System:

* Based on X.Org 6.7.0 X-Windows System
* Enabling automatic X on startup with a default xorg.conf configuration.


Triance OS 1.0-BETA supports the i386 architecture and can be installed through ISO CD Files. Distributions for this architecture are available now at:

Press Contact:


Trademarks Notices:

Triance and Triance OS are trademark of Triance Mutiara Industries Sdn Bhd. FreeBSD is a registered trademark of FreeBSD Project. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. All other trademarks and copyrights referred to in this announcement are the property of their respective owners.

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