How to fix "send to" issue?

How to fix "send to" issue?

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Feel The Charm Of Street Basketball On Your Smartphone

 Jam League Basketball is an exciting street basketball mobile game. This game will not bring players into international competitions, but surely will give you an inspiring atmosphere.  

Basketball is a sport that was invented in 1891, in the form of confrontation between the two teams. Throughout the development and continuous improvement, the game has now spread all over the world, played in two main forms: indoor basketball (5 players and two baskets) and street basketball (3 players and one basket). 

So the purpose of the game remains the same: Players will score multiple points by putting the ball into the basket (the opponent's basket if playing indoors) in accordance to the rules (do not let the opponent throw the ball into your basket if playing indoors).

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Unlike like other basketball games like Basketball Shots 3D or Finger BasketBall; Jam League Basketball is unique in its own way. Although not featuring sharp 3D graphics or stunning sound effects, the game has an imposing feature that allows you to play street basketball.

You can use the skills to "destroy" your opponent - just like playing in real life without having to follow strict rules. However, keep in mind that there are matches that require you to follow the rules of the game. 

Download the game and try to beat the your opponent in a dignified way!


Jam League Basketball's control mechanism is simple, with two main actions that are specified by two virtual buttons on the screen: The button in the bottom left of the screen  moves players and the buttons in the lower right are used to jump and put the ball into the basket. 

After launching the game, the player will enter the practice phase to get familiar with the game as well as practice the skills before participating in the actual match. 

Once you have proven that you are strong enough to face an adversary with consecutive throws in the basket, you will be moved in to the big leagues with many challenges.

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Special feature in games

Ten elite skills to obtain and show off the ball throwing talent.

12 teams with unique playing skills.

Various shoes to improve speed,

18 different ball styles 

Extremely high sensitivity.

Group play mode.

Compete with friends to climb to the top of the Leaderboard 

Meet other players in online play mode.

Workout mode when you start the application, to help players grasp the skills and tactics of the game that will increase your chances of winning the battle.

Multiplayer mode.

Wrapping it up!

    What do you think about this great basketball mobile game? If you are a fan basketball, surely you will not pass this game. This game is not only competitive, but also relaxing, as it has charming graphics and fun game play. So download this apk game at our store and have fun!

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