PROGNOSIS doo from Novi Sad is looking for Node.JS Developer

PROGNOSIS doo from Novi Sad is looking for Node.JS Developer

  • Pridružio: 28 Jan 2014
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PROGNOSIS DOO has job opening for position: NODE.JS DEVELOPER

We are looking for a talented Senior Node.js Developer to work on a custom node.js project.
The ideal hire knows how to architect scalable websites and APIs and knows how to work well in small cross-functional teams with tons of iterations and feedback along the way.

We're looking for the following skills:
- Senior node.js developer with extensive JavaScript experience
Client: HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery, Responsive UI, Templating Engines
Server: Node, Mongo
Tools: Github, Grunt
- Can architect complex web applications using frameworks and APIs
- Ability to develop and maintain web-based software systems in JavaScript - utilizing industry standards and best practices
- Proven experience with full stack development for high volume web applications (show us your portfolio)
- Can work in a collaborative environment, great communication skills in English
- Experience developing JavaScript-heavy applications
- Experience writing Node.js applications
- Experience working with NoSQL (MongoDB) and SQL databases with Node
- A passion for performance and scalability
- An obsession with keeping up-to-date with the Node.js community and the latest projects and modules
- Motivation and the desire to learn new technologies
- Company language is English
- Team player

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