MidiMeow - midi to wav/ogg/mp3 converter

MidiMeow - midi to wav/ogg/mp3 converter

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MidiMeow 1.02 - (midi to wav/ogg/mp3 converter)

Midimeow je besplatan i lak...
· Midi u Mp3
· Midi u Wav
· Midi u Ogg vorbis ...konverter


Midimeow is an easy-to-use tool to convert:
· Midi to Mp3 at 128 Kbps and 196 Kbps
· Midi to Wav
· Midi to Ogg vorbis

MidiMeow allows to change the output rate and the number of channels (stereo or mono)

How to use ?
· Click on "In" and select your midi file as input
· Click on "Out" and give to your output a name
· Select your output type, the extension will be added automatically
· If you want you can change the rate and the channel
· If you keep the volume presets, you'll notice that usually the sound volume decreases and the wave volume is totally off. If you change the presets, be warned that a high midi imput gives a metallic sound and a wav input can change the record of the oupout.
· click on start to "start" to listen and click on "convert" to start conversion
· Wait until the file is played, at this moment, if you have choosen a wav input, the job is done, if you have choosen mp3 or ogg, just wait until conversion is done (you get a small message windows)

If you have problem with your sound output, just go to your sound card settings and change them, since the software change some setting automatically.

licence: freeware

>>download<<~665 kb

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