Agnitum Launches First Beta Version of Outpost Antispyware

Agnitum Launches First Beta Version of Outpost Antispyware

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August 16, 2005, St.Petersburg, Russia and San Jose, Calif. – Agnitum Ltd., a leading developer of information security software for home and business users, today announced the availability of the first beta version of Outpost AntiSpyware.

Spyware is clearly a major problem, with reports predicting that close to 50% of Internet users have spyware of some form on their home computers, and an even greater number who may be infected without even knowing it. These individuals browse the web in blissful ignorance of the fact that someone may be watching their every step and plotting malicious abuse of their system.

New legislation is appearing almost every week, but legislation can only go so far in controlling human behavior. Technology must play a part too. So Agnitum has spent the past year developing anti-spyware technology that integrates directly with its best-selling Outpost Firewall Pro to provide transparent protection against spyware.

Outpost Firewall Pro already provides a level of spyware protection by filtering traffic and blocking suspicious connections. However, there was always a risk of spyware slipping through if a user occasionally allowed a suspicious application to go online. The new Outpost Antispyware, being integrated with the upcoming version 3.0 of Outpost Firewall Pro, offers users maximum protection against loss of personal data to PC hijacking and application tampering by keyloggers and other stealthy malicious programs.

Developed using Agnitum’s unique plug-in technology, Outpost AntiSpyware simply correlates all applications on the user’s computer and network with its database and blocks all dangerous programs automatically. Technically savvy users can also tweak the configuration settings to allow certain programs that might otherwise be classified as spyware; Outpost provides a knowledgebase to enable those users to make an informed decision about what to allow or prevent from running on their systems.

Why is Outpost Pro with an anti-spyware plug-in better than separate firewall and anti-spyware solutions? Firstly, the two programs are completely integrated and compatible, not two separate developments bolted together under an attractive user interface. Secondly, the anti-spyware code is developed from Tauscan, Agnitum’s award-winning anti-Trojan software.

And finally firewall and anti-spyware together delivers multi-layered protection, combating malware at every step – from drive-by installation to unauthorized personal data transmission, and every stage in between.

“The primary reason behind our approach to spyware protection is to provide users with one single integrated application that provides much stronger, easier to use, and more effective security than any two separate firewall and anti-spyware applications”, says Mikhail Penkovsky, Agnitum’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “A combination of firewall and anti-spyware remover as delivered in the upcoming Outpost Firewall Pro 3.0 will prove that 1 plus 1 can be more than 2”


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