LavaSoftware - KasperSky AntiVirus plugin 2.0

LavaSoftware - KasperSky AntiVirus plugin 2.0

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The LavaSoftware - KasperSky AntiVirus plugin integrates seamlessly with the LavaSoftware products and is powered by the world-renowned antivirus software developer: Kaspersky Labs. The AntiVirus package will make certain that all email arriving through ShareMailPro/ShareMail is totally free from viruses.

AntiVirus will make certain that all email arriving through your network is totally free from viruses. 100% protection against macro-viruses, Protects against unknown viruses, Comprehensive virus checking of e-mail messages

Here are some key features of "LavaSoftware KasperSky AntiVirus plugin":

· Highest level of integrated protection
Based on anti virus engine from "KasperSky Labs", Kaspersky Anti-Virus has been one of the three best anti-virus programs in the world over the past five years. The diagram below shows the 100% protection from all virus types ensured by Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
· Background scanning.
AntiVirus supports background scanning which allows you to use your favorite virus scanner to scan certain file attachments
· Online update
AntiVirus updates can be scheduled so there is no need to perform daily administration to keep the system updated.
· AntiVirus protection
AntiVirus scans every element of your email and offers multiple ways to handle infected emails.
· Virus warning
When a virus is detected within a message, the engine will notify the sender, recipient, and postmaster.
· Rich text scanning
AntiVirus has support for scanning Rich Text emails sent by Outlook
· Support all windows
AntiVirus is a background process that installs and runs as a service on Windows 9x, NT, 2000, and XP.
· Log files
Logging allows Administrators to keep track of whom, when and where viruses are being detected

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