Steganos Internet Security 2007 KIS 2006+ moćni kripto-softv

Steganos Internet Security 2007 KIS 2006+ moćni kripto-softv

  • Pridružio: 08 Sep 2005
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Neverovatno koliko interfejs podseća na KIS2006.

Nikada nisam čuo za ovaj antivir, ali sudeći po komentarima i nije tako loš.
Ja lično za sada koristin McAfee 2006, a videćemo posle šta će da bude.

Zipa ovo:

>It is suggested to get Kaspsersky over the Steganos offering. Even the
>AOL AVS offering
>(with the AOL toolbar NOT installed) is preferred.
Even though Steganos uses the Kaspersky a/v? I've always steered clear
of AOL stuff wherever possible! I'm happy to pay for a decent program,
although I also use AVG free.
Do you have any particular criticism of Steganos? I've just installed
the Internet Security trial and so far I'm quite impressed although I
won't know if it has missed anything yet! I personally prefer to use an
Internet Security suite, purely for tidiness really, rather than
assorted programs to do the same job.

Steganos koristi kav?

Dopuna: 04 Mar 2007 15:54

evo šta PC mag kaže o njemu:,1759,2085755,00.asp

Dopuna: 04 Mar 2007 16:20

Basically unchanged is the core suite of programs that lets you secure files and folders, favorites, passwords, and e-mails, as well as remove records of your browser and file-access history. If you want to permanently delete files, or scrub the empty space on your hard drive, you can do that. And the AntiTheft function, which reports your computer's IP address to Steganos servers so it can be tracked down in case of theft, remains a great idea.

But many of these programs have received convenient tweaking. The maximum size of each encrypted hard drive you can create with the Safe utility has been boosted to 256GB. Encryption (using 256-bit AES) also extends to Outlook items, including e-mails, contacts, calendar entries, and tasks. (You can even send complete folders in self-decrypting e-mails.) And you can use your iPod as a portable safe now, in case you don't have a CD, DVD, or USB key handy.

We especially liked some of the new password features. Particularly handy was PicPass, which lets you specify passwords for many of the suite's applications using images instead of alphanumeric characters. The software shows you a screen of 36 images, and the order in which you click them determines your password. Also, if you have a Pocket PC, you can store your passwords on it and synchronize them with your PC.

Enkripcija podataka koje stavite na USB flash?
Nikad nisam čuo za ovo.

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