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Nights In White Satin--------------------Moody Blues

Nights in white satin,
Never reaching the and,
Letters I`ve writen
Never meanning to send.

Beauty I`d always missed
With these eyes before,
Just what the truth is
I can`t say anymore.

`cause I love you,
Yes,I love you,
Oh,how,I love you.

Gazing at peple,
Some hand in hand,
Just what I`m going thry
They can understand.

Some try to tell me
Thoughts they cannot defend,
Just what you want to be
You will be in the end,

And I love you,
Yes,I love you,
Oh,how, I love you.
Oh,how, I love you.

Nights in white satin,
Never reaching the end,
Letters I`ve written,
Never meaning to send.

Beauty I`d always missed
With these eyes before,
Just what the truth is
I can`t say anymore.

`cause I love you,
Yes,I love you,
Oh,how,I love you
Oh,how,I love you.

`cause I love you,
Yes,I love you,
Oh,how,I love you.
Oh,how,I love you.

Love Hurts--------------Nazareth

Love hurts love scars,
Love wounds,and marks,
Any heart,not tough,
or strong,enough

To take a lot of pain,
Love is like a cloud
Houlds a lot of rain
Love Hurts,ooh, ooh Love Hurts

I`m young,I know a thing,or two
I learned,from you
I really lerrned a lot,
Love is like a flame
It burns you when its hot
Love hurts,ooh,ooh Love Hurts

Some fools think of happiness
Bsiss fulness,toget herhess'
Some fools fool themselwes J guess
Theyre not foolin me

I know it isnt true
I know it isnt true
Love is just a lie
Made to make you blue
Love Hurts,ooh,ooh,Love Hurts

I know it isnt true
I know it isnt true
Love is just a lie
Made to make you blue
Love Hurts, ooh,ooh,Love Hurts
love Hurts,ooh,ooh,Love Hurts

The House Of The Rising Sun----------------------The Animals

There is a house in New Orleans
they call it Rising Sun.
And it`s been the ruin of many a poor boy,
and God, I know I `m one

My mother was a tailores
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gambler man
down in New Orleans

How the only thing a gambler needs
is a suit case and a trunk.
And the only time he`ll be satisfied
is when he`s down and drunk.

Oh mother tell you children
not to do what I have done
spend your lives in sin and misery
in the House of the Rising Sun.

Well I`ve got one foot on the platform
the olher foot one the train.
I`m going back to New Orleans
to wear that ball and chain,

There is a house in New Orleans
they call it Rising Sun.
And it`s been the ruin of main a pade boy,
and God, I know I`m one..

----------- Dopuna: 10 Avg 2006 15:18 ---------

Whiter shade of pale---------------Procol Harum

We skipped the light fandango
turned cartwheels `cross the floor
I was feeling kinda seasick
but the crowd called out for more.
The room was humming harder
as the celing flew away
When we called out for another drink
the waiter brought a tray
And so it was that later
as the miller told his tale
that her face,at first just ghostly,
turned a whiter shade of pale
She sad,`There is no realson
and the truth is plain to see,`
But I wandered through my playing cards
and would not let her be
one of sixteen vestal virgins
who were leaving for the coast
and although my eyes were open
they might have just as well`ve been closed
She said,`I`m home on shore leave,`
though in truth we were at sea
so Itook her by the looking glass
and forced her to agree
saying,`You must be the mermaid
who took Neptune for a ride.`
But she smiled at me so sadly
that my anger straightway died
If music be the food of love
than laughter is it its queen
and likewise if behind is in front
then dirt in truth is clean
My mouth by than like cardboard
seemed to slip straight through my head
So we crash-dived straightway quickly
and attacked the ocean bed...
A moglo je bolje...
Idi na vrh

Gledao sam je
dok joj se mutilo u glavi

A oci joj kao od stakla
pogled se gubi i plavi

osecam da bi me dotakla
ali ja sam birao druge.

Pricao sam
Mogla je da me cuje
da se ubije,da se otruje
da mi baci poglede duge
ali ja sam birao druge.

A onda
stade muzika i pamet mi stade

Samo cuh na kraju

Sad dame biraju

Mogao sam da se bacim
s mosta u Savu
da se kajem
da gubim glavu
da umrem od tuge

Ona je birala druge..


Pomislila sam da prolazi...
Poverovala sam da ti nije stalo

A tek sad pocinje
i sad tek znam da isto osecamo

Ali sta ocekujes od mene
Da cekam da ostvaris svoje snove

Cekala sam predugo da te cujem
Cekam jos uvek

a ni sama ne znam sta
Zar jos verujes u nas

Zar nisi shvatio sta se desilo
I trazis moj osmeh,moje prisustvo

Zudis da mi objasnis sve
A sta jos ima da se kaze

Ne zelim da znam,bolece jos vise
Ali ipak...protiv sebe ne znam

i pruzicu sebi priliku da jedan dan
budem sretna dok te slusam i gledam.
Homer Simpson
Idi na vrh

Volite li da gledate Homera ?Ja ga stvarno obozavam.


Ah beer...the cause of and solutin to all of life`s problems.

I`m in a place where I don`t know where I am!

To start Press Any Key.Where`s the ANY key?

Relax.What is mind? No matter.What is matter? Never mind!

(Meeting Aliens)Please don`t eat me!I have a wife and kids.Eat them!

Laughing Laughing Laughing
Idi na vrh


Fallen sick on a joyrey,
In dreams I run wildly
Over a withered moor.

An old poun!
A frog jumps in
The sound of water.

The first soft snow!
Enough to bend the leaves
Off the jonguil low.

In the cicada`s cry
No sign can foretel
How soon it must die.

Covered with the flowers,
Instantly I`d like to die
In his drem of ours.

No sky
No earth- but still
Snow flakes fall.

In my old home
which I forsock,the cherries
are in bloom.

For love and for hate
I swat a fly and offer it
to an ant.

Nigh,and the moon!
My neighbor,playing on his flyte
out of tune!


Let the Sunshine
Idi na vrh

In a helicopter flying over rice paddies,
than over jungle to a spot brown and red,
teats and a lonely strip.

I run from the chopper looking for a hole.
No weapon,scared as hell.

This base is so small,
and the enemy,
they are every where J look.

J see bodies every where.
A rifle from one I take,
It`s bad luck but I`m so scared.

Ammo I`ve got none.
back to the bodies
stealing from the dead.
I must survive,
they`re gone,I must live.

Clip, clips, none to be found.
Back to the dead.

With shaking hands, I load the clips,
god I`m so scared,surrounded,
they`re closing in,
I`m all alone and going to die.

Back in a helicopter,
the drem starts again.
Each time I know I`m going to die,
I`m going to Khe Sanh!!


Let the Sunshine
Let the Sunshine

We starve
Look at one another
Short,of breath
Proudli in our winter coats
Wearning smells from laboratatories

Facing a dying nation
Of moving paper fantasy
Listening for the now told lies
With supreme visions of lonely tunes

Inside a something there is a rush of
Who knows what stand`s in front of
Our lives
I fashion my future on films in space
Tells me secretly

Manchester England England
Manchester England England
Eyes look yuor last
Across the Atlantic Sea
Arms take yuor last
And I`m a genius genius
And lips oh you the
Doors of breath
I belive in God
Seal with a righteous kiss
And I belive that God belives in Claude
Seal with a righteous kiss
That`s me thats`me,that`s me
The rest is silence
The rest is silence
The rest is silence

Our space songs on a spider web sitar
Life is around you and you
Answer for Timothy Leary,dearie

Let the Sunshine
Let the Sunshine
Let tne Sunshine...

Wonderful world
Idi na vrh

I see trees of green,red roses too
Isee them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself,what a wondwrful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day,the dark sacred night
And I thing to myself,what a wondwrful world

The colours of the rainbow,so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friens shakin` hands,sayin` ''How do you do?''
They`re really saying''I love you''

I hear babies cryin`,I watch them grow
They`ll learn much more than I`ll ever know
And I thing to myself,what a wonderful world
Yes. I think to myself,what a wonderful world


What is a wonderful world...
Prica u slikama
Idi na vrh
Zivot je lep

Ovde kamen

Ovde cvet
Zivot je lep


Idi na vrh
Znate li kako sam ja otkrila Mycity?Sasvim slucajno....Nisam bila od onih koji stalno vise na internetu da tako kazem.Ponekad malo sam surfovala.
Ali jednog desilo se cudo(salim se),citala sam politiku na poslu i naisla sam na jedan clanak.U njemu je bila prica o jednom mladicu koji je putovao u inostranstvo kod nekog prijatelja koga je upoznao preko interneta.Nesto kao samo platis put i imas besplatan smestaj i pisalo je hospitality club ili tako nesto(zaboravila sam kako se zvao).Neznam zasto me to zainteresovalo.Uglavnom kad sam dosla kuci ,to vece sam na goglu ukucala ime tog kluba i nekako sam naletela na MyCity.Sta da vam kazem?!?Tu sam skoro svaki dan.
To je bila moja prica kako sam pronasla Mycity.Koja je vasa?
Nas vlastiti smisao je sto postojimo...
Idi na vrh
...Mi smo toliko zaokupljeni stvarima koje treba uraditi da bismo ostvarili materijalne i socijalne ciljeve,da zaboravljamo da se jedina prava vrednost nalazi u nama-Velika radost zivota.

Idi na vrh
Do you like chocolade?

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