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My name is Suzain Lian Writer at We Write Essay and I live in London, UK. With a first class honors degree in Linguistics and Languages from the University of London, I have always been passionate about English, languages in general and anything to do with words. I have an exceptional eye for detail, naturally proofreading any piece of text that my eyes cross. I am able to spot even the most inconspicuous errors and have always enjoyed proofreading a wide range of texts.
I am a Learning Coach by day in a further education college, specialising in English and frequently proofreading students’ assignments and essays. I am known for my impeccable spelling and grammar amongst my students, friends and colleagues, and am the go-to person for anything that requires proofreading. I have been a regular proofreader for a friend during his apprenticeship over the last year and a half. In addition, I have two friends undertaking a PGCE who regularly ask me to proofread their assignments as they know I don’t miss a thing.

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