I need help on getting the motivation to do my assignments and homework

I need help on getting the motivation to do my assignments and homework

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I am a multi year old secondary school understudy and all through my school life I would get around C's or D's. I am somebody who appreciates to play computer games ordinary I return home from school. I am somebody who supposes I require a reward for my diligent work in school, yet never gotten it since I realize it wouldn't come regardless of whether I worked hard.

What shocks me is that many individuals in my secondary school have great evaluations. I generally ponder what rouses them to work that hard, and furthermore vital on how reliable they are in it. Indeed, even individuals I realize who play computer games as much as me, have decent evaluations.

I feel like the main thing that will inspire me to buckle down is the inspiration that I get rewards for my diligent work. I have a craving for getting a 100 dollars for every month in the event that I have decent evaluations will enable me to remain inspired. In any case, I realize well that will never happen in light of the fact that my folks can't really bear to do that and online assignment help uk. That is alright however, I could never be frantic at my folks thus.

Except if in the event that I was guaranteed to get an incredible gaming PC for all my diligent work, I have no different inspirations. I have no dread of being destitute or hungry. What's more, computer games are my solitary leisure activity, so its absolutely impossible I'm surrendering it.

I need to realize how most highschoolers remain inspired, so perhaps I can endeavor to have a comparative viewpoint. I'm a sluggish blockhead, however I realize I can buckle down on the off chance that I inspiration to accomplish something I for one want. So please let me know, what were your inspirations on doing admirably in secondary school?

TLDR; I don't do well in school since I feel like my diligent work won't get me a decent reward. Searching for elective approaches to remain roused

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