Tech komentari zlata vredni

Tech komentari zlata vredni

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U poslednje vreme sve vise i vise citam dobre komentare i to obicno u fanboy raspravama, pa cu ih evo ovde prikupljati Smile


AMD vs. Nvidia Cool

Citat:Yeah, right. What was again the selling point of AMD gpus? they're cheap.
Ok, their gpus might have performance revalling nvidias, however, they dont outperform them. So the only actual reason why you would consider an AMD gpu is either because you belive in AMD, in which case reason doesn't actually play any role in the decision and we can stop here. The more logical reason is that AMD gpus simply cost less. it might be cool to have a 400$ gpu boasting out the same level of performance as a 6-700$ gpu, but you don't consider that the most money you aren't paying for your rig but for using it.
just an example: A rig with an AMD FX-9370 (highest AMD Cpu I know of) (220W) + R9 295X2 (500W)
leaving out other parts, this currently costs about 1220$ and consumes 720W. I don't know what energy might cost where you live, but here in Germany we're paying 0,30€/Kw, so let's use 0,35$. using your rig every day for, let's say, 6 hours, you use 0,720 Kw/hour, *6 = 4,320 Kw/hour. So your paying about 1,512$ each day. that makes about 550$ a year. So after 3 years, you payed about 300$ more for your power bill than you payed for your rig.
now the same with an Intel I7 5960X and nvidia 980 in dual-sli. (The actual performance of both, cpu and gpu should be a bit (if not much) higher than the AMD rig, but let's assume they had the same performance)
1000$ for cpu (140W) and 1200$ for gpu (350W, 175 each) (600$ each). same calculation as before:
490W = 0,49 Kw/hour * 6 = 2.94Kw. 2.94Kw * 0,35$/Kw = 1,02$/Day. that Makes 371$/year. So after about 7 years you payed your rig in power bill.
let's compare: 1200$ and 550$/year vs 2200$ and 371$/year. after 5 years, you payed 3950$ for the AMD and 4055$ for the intel/nvidia rig.
that still makes a difference of 100$, however, as the AMD righ uses more power, it also produces more heat, what results in higher cost for cooling. So I guess after 5 years the AMD and Intel/nvidia rig costed you the same.
However, if you say money isn't an issue when using a high end rig, I seriously don't know why your actually using an AMD product.

And by the way, looking at this, you may now understand why AMDs color is red, while nvidias color is green.


Apple sucks Mr. Green

Diskusija o novom iPhone 6 telefonu i koliko ga je ljudi kupilo.

Citat:25 comments, 1 person bought one, and a couple of maybes or I'm getting one later posts.
That's a pretty striking indication of what people who know a thing or two about technology think about Apple products. Think about it, the kind of people that come to Techspot aren't your average tech people. Most of us either work in the tech field or are tech enthusiasts on some level or another. And pretty much all of us don't want the iphone or anything to do with Apple in general.
The more you know about technology the less you want anything to do with Apple.

Setih se i ove priceless slike Mr. Green

Jedan video koji je pretty much sve objasnio Cool


I jos se primaju na ovo GUZ - Glavom U Zid

Uporan neki dečko ovaj Dalton... LOL

Čista matematika. LOL

Zanimljivi komentari, vidis nisam ni pratio blog Mr. Green

Ne naidjoh skoro na bilo sta zanimljivo, pa tako da nisam ni kacio nista Smile

A većina komentara pljuvačina po Apple-u ... ljudi nemaju pametnija posla nego da se prepiru koja je platforma bolja. Koja je poenta tih fanboy rasprava kad nisu konstruktivne i šta je tu 'zlata vredno'? Korisnik sam obe platforme (i Android i iOS), a imao sam prilike da isprobam i Windows Phone , sve tri su izvanredne i imaju svoje prednosti i mane.

P.S. Za AMD vs. Nvidia se potpuno slažem Smile

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