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Vampire Lovers / Book lovers

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Da , da potpuno sam , totalno, onako teen opsednuta vampirima jos od kada znam za sebe.
A pored toga obozavam da pisem. I obozavam engleski jezik. I tako jedna stvar vodi ka drugoj i ja resih da napisem knjigu o vampirima na engleskom.
Verovatno ima koja greska u pisanju , a sta mislite ima li ovako gresaka u smislu lose sklopljene recenice, konstantnog ponavljanja istih reci itd?
Kako vam se cini, sve u svemu ?

p.s. nema naslov

The Scent
Night. The moon was high on the deep blue sky and it’s lights were painting my pale skin with silver glow. The target of my glare was , like always , the park by the river. I still remember the last sunset when the glitter made my skin look like gold. When the night came so did he, my creator. He held out his hand and I took it. If I knew what it meant…. He took me into his embrace and I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Then there was nothing , just blackness. I woke up in the dark and lived in it since then. He was everything I’ve known and had. He made me. I belonged to him. The wind blown worm air in my direction. The scent of it was fool of different colors of fragrances , from bloomy sweet to salty iron. But there was an unfamiliar scent that was brought to my attention. Humans whouldn’t register it but I was no human. To me it was strong and I was tense. My mate was still asleep and my patience was faint. I went out to find what it was. That should be easy with my sensitive sence. It brought me to the same park. Shivers ran through me as if I was cold, but that obviously wasn’t the case. I never hunt here , it whould be too painfull to do so. I slowly walked trying not to distract any attention to me. Than there it was . A body of a young man stabed and left to die. The thirst was there but I didn’t want to end his life, not here , not now. I took him to the nearest hospital and left him on the entry. Than I got back in the dark and became a shadow again. I didn’t want to go home right away . My mate was surely awaken by now and I was soaked with blood and didn’t know what to say. If I told the truth the man that I’ve saved whould be no more, and I won’t let that happen. I must lie and risk my own destiny. I chose the longest path towords home to make up a story in time for the confrontation.

Face Down

When I arrived he was nowhere in sight. I felt a bit uneasy not knowing where he was. I am sure that he felt that way, too. He is hunting, that must be the reason of his absence. I needed a moment to clear my head. The scent of the human was strong on my long white dress stained with his blood. Is he alive ? Hope was in my dead heart and all of sudden it felt like it will start racing again, but it didn’t. I was lost , but he can live , love , grow old . All the things I couldn’t. I whould manage to live through if he died , but than my conection with mortality will die, too. I want that conection to last. It gave my life a meaning. I’ve got undressed and gone to the shower. Put on the cold wather. I took my time to wipe off every blood stain from my body. I shout out my sences and enjoyed the rain of wather on my skin. Suddenly I felt something cutting my lower neck . Blood came rushing through the wound and I tried to wipe it, but my hands were banded with his. He pushed me against the wall and sucked my blood untill I was dizzy. Then he took me to the bedroom. Hi kissed my whole body and I kissed him, too.This was our way to go through the harsh times. His way to say “ I was scared” , my way to say “I am sorry”, with no words spoken.

The Feeding

I open my eyes to see nothing but the dark that surroundes me. I hated what I was , this life, the shadows, the night. I was still in his arms. I lied there cold as corpse, dead, unmoving. My thoughts were blank. I was blank. “Lets feed.” The words came like salvation. The thirst was unbearable. I didn’t feed yesterday and all that blood near me sure didn’t make the pain of the thrst any lighter. “Lets.” I answered rising from the bed. “Your not going with out a kiss” he pulled me down in a secund.
Time is nothing when you live forever. You don’t change , time doesn’t touch you. Not the way it touchs mortals. We wait for some unfortunate soul to go through the dark alley. To come to us. Than we feed.
She was only 16. or so. Stil a chiled. Inocence weeped from her eyes. Unfortunate. As we drained her little body you could see how she slowly had gone down to blackness of death. Her blood reflected images of her shourt life and I could see. She loved and was loved by others. Than she was no more. Unfortunate. We left the chiled corpse and than vanished into the night.
“We could do this more often.” He said with a croak smile. Anger filled me up but I can never have a conflict with him so I just remained silent.
Sometimes I hated him more than myself , the things like this made that hate even stronger. Love, if love you could call it, was completely erased. If I knew the way to kill him I could bare the solitariness. But he’ll always be stronger. Stronger echo’d on and on. Stronger.
I started walking away not bearing to look at him.
“Stop!” He said with a strong voice.
I couldn’t stop. I kept my feet moving, going away. I inhaled slowly and begun to run. Time pased and I didn’t stop. He did not follow. That made me glad. I didn’t realise where I was headed until I was in front of the hospital. I pased by the receptionist and searched for the familiar scent. In no time I was standing by his bed. He was sleeping. I examined him. He looked better. Color returned to his skin. Stil his black hair made his skin look pale like he was one of my kind. I stared in his closed eyes and wondered what color they were. I imagened them black or dark brown, but maybe I’ll be surprised when he opens them. I wanished that thought from my head. I’m not going to be here when he awakes. I cought myself reaching to touch his heand and forced it away. Than I decided that it whouldn’t hurt him and reached for him once again. His skin was so smoth and breakable, like cotton and glass together. I leaned down to brush my cheek with his heand and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of it. When I reopened them his were open too. In half of a second my head was fool of regret, pain, questiones, fear, and something more. I didn’t know what to do. I was traped with his eyes and I just stared back. The sky could fall on my head and I whouldn’t know it . I could see only his light green eyes. Than he closed them and I was free once again. I heard the well known sound and winced in disbealive. The nurses and doctors came running through the door and I was kicked out of his room. If I could cry I whould cry my eyes out right now. I felt my heart break into milion pieces. I didn’t leave until I heard that his heart was stable. Than I ran to the nearest mountain in the states. When I was on the top of it I screamed all my pain out and than I continued screaming into the night. I gone to find a shelter a little before the sunrise and remained there silently for the day.


I’ve never tought much about love but since my last nights heartbreak it crossed my mind time and time again. How did this came to be? I didn’t know him at all , but still in some bizar way he had become everything to me , my whole world. Somehow he was my sun and I circle around him. When I touched him he burned my skin the most sensantional way. Am I strong enough to admit that I’ve fallen in love? Am I strong enough to forget him? Am I strong enough to admit that I’m on my way to see him again? All this questiones and answers to them didn’t seem to matter anymore when I once again entered his room. He was in the worse shape than I remember. I sat beside him, wiped the sweat from his forehead and repeated the activity every now and than. He whould occasionally open his eyes and look at me but then close them again. I was getting anxious when the sky became brighter knowing that the sun will rise from the horizont soon. I had to go cause I’m obviously not going to comit suacide. I got up and left him unwillingly. “I love you “ the words came out like a wisper. This was the first time I’ve spoken in front of him, the first time I admited it to myself and the first time I realy ment it.

For what is love if not a shiver
when you are in his arms
And For love is divine it can’t ever last
But to be that divine for just one moment
Is worth of feeling pain for the lifetime

When I left the hospital I gone to the woods to hunt. I couldn’t bear killing another unfortunate soul. I fed on some wild animals instad. When I was half fool I had to stop cause the sun was rising. I ran to the nearest cage I known and continued searching for some food. If I was to go on visiting the hospital I might as well be fooly fed up or I might cause a massacre. Why invite trouble when I can prevent it.

I da, naravno ovo je samo pocetak!!!

Stvarno lepa zamisao i svidja mi se.
Jedina zamerka je sto u nekim pričama ima previse detaljisanja.
Svaka cast Smile

Na primer , sta tacno?

Nerazumes Smile. Ja znam engleski odlično, ali nekako mi ne lezi to detaljisanje. Ali naravno to se meni ne svidja zato sto sam ja drugaciji dd2. Smile Lepo je. Neka kazu ostali korisnici sta ste se popismanili?

xexe Smile LEPO JE TO

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