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Dana Fuchs Band
What you see

She don't wanna know

Grace Potter & Nocturnals
Hey Marie

Nothing but the water I

Mother Tongue

He's the man

Tina Dico(w) je Danska pevačica. Snimila je jedan album u Danskoj u sopstvenoj produkciji, a zatim (nakon skromnog uspeha) prešla u Veliku Britaniju. Tamo je izdala album "Notes" i sarađivala sa trip hop duom "Zero 7". 2004 potpisuje za Sony BMG i 2005 izdaje album "A:larm". 2007 izdaje album "Count to ten". Dobitnica je nekoliko muzičkih nagrada u Danskoj.

Citat:Tina Dico (born Tina Dickow on October 14, 1977) is a singer and songwriter inspired by artists such as Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

In her home country of Denmark, she worked with the lead singer of the band TV-2, Steffen Brandt. She won a Steppeulv and a Danish Music Award in 2004 for her album, Notes, and the award for best female vocalist at the Danish Music Awards 2006.

Internationally, she may be best known for her collaboration with the English duo Zero 7 on their second album, When It Falls, with the song "Home" and "The Space Between".

In Denmark she performs under her real name, Tina Dickow.


Tina Dico - Working Class Hero (obrada John Lennona)

Taj Weekes je iz mlađe generacije rege muzičara. Rođen u Santa Luciji na Karibima. U potrazi za muzičkom karijerom seli se u Severnu Ameriku i osniva bend "Taj Weekes & Adowa". Bend ima dva snimljena albuma.

Citat:Taj Weekes is an enigma… on the one hand deeply serious and intensely passionate about his worldviews and on the other hand a gentle and humble man with a quick and easy smile. Driven to inspire conscious thought and provoke discussion through his poignant poetry and lyrics, Weekes says, “I write from the heart and I speak about issues that move me. I believe that’s what really matters.” Born and raised on the island of St. Lucia, Weekes grew up the youngest of ten children in a musical family. "My musical influences were quite varied, 'cause the radio stations played all kinds of music. There were no formats, so we grew up listening to everything from reggae to calypso to classic rock and classical music." Weekes soon felt confined by the borders of St. Lucia and left home to fulfill his musical ambitions in North America. There he formed his band Taj Weekes and Adowa and multi-media company Jatta Entertainment. To date, the group has released two full-length albums to critical acclaim, “Hope & Doubt” and “Deidem,” which won “Best Reggae Album” at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. The band is set to release their much-anticipated third CD, an acoustic album entitled "A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen," this summer. Weekes' music defies category... an amalgam of roots style reggae, afro-folk, rock and jazz. Essentially, Taj Weekes is a poet who sings to the rhythm of all that has come before and all that stretches out before him... life… from his own unique and complex perspective. Always striving to bring awareness to the issues he is passionate about, Weekes founded his charity, They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO), in 2007 to improve the lives of underprivileged children in the Caribbean through sport, enrichment, educational and wellness programs.

Taj Weekes and Adowa - Orphans Cry

Da se vratimo na ovu temu. Par postova iznad... Grace Potter and Nocturnals. Bend se nalazi na zvaničnom soundtracku za Burtonovu "Alice in Wonderland" sa obradom pesme "White Rabbit" od Jefferson Airplane.

Arrogant Worms je Kanadska komičarska grupa. Postoje od 90tih i izdali su nekoliko albuma sa humorističnim i satiričnim pesama.

Citat:The Arrogant Worms came together in 1991 to do a few spots on campus radio station CFRC in Kingston, Ontario,[1] and quickly moved to doing spots on CBC Radio One. Since 1992 the troupe has released twelve CDs. Their most recent album, Torpid, was released in September 2008. The Worms have toured in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Each album consists mostly of independent tracks paying homage, always humorously, to different genres and topics. Two exceptions are the 1997 Live Bait and 2003 Semi-Conducted CDs, which are live albums, comprising collections of their best songs. Semi-Conducted is performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Rock, folk, ballads, country, Celtic folk, and children's music all have come under the Worm's satirical guns.

When not spoofing a particular style of music, the Worms' material pokes fun at various aspects of daily life in Canada with songs like "Canada's Really Big", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Me Like Hockey", "We are the Beaver", "I Am Not American", and "Proud to Be Canadian".

They have also recorded music videos for two songs: "Big Fat Road Manager" and "Carrot Juice Is Murder", which can be seen on the Three Worms and an Orchestra DVD. A third music video, "Sex, Drugs, and RRSPs" was recorded, but was not featured on the DVD.


Arrogant Worms - Carrot juice is a murder

Arrogant Worms - I am cow

LOL ... dobri ovi Crvi, skroz! Malo mi "vuku" na Monti Pajton družinu, odmah sam zamislila Džona Kliza kako solira ... LOL

A jes podseća. Eric Idle (Pajtonovac) i njegove pesmice. Smile

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