blues it, baby ;)

blues it, baby ;)

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  • Poruke: 1978
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bonus track 1: leonard cohen - i'm your man

bonus track 2: leonard cohen - a thousand kisses deep

bonus track 3: leonard cohen - dance me to the end of love

"ispod povrshine ja nikom nec'u rec'i da si to ti"

Tek sada sam uhvatio priliku da na maloj brzoj vezi pogledam o cemu se radi... Igranje uz bluz i hrapavi glas Leonarda Cohena. Smile Vrlo interesantna koncepcija...

A i igra mi se svidja... Kako je nastao rokenrol... Kad je bela americka mladez videla njihove crne vrsnjake koji igraju uz R'N'B (bar ono sto se u 40tim, 50tim i 60tim podrazumevalo pod tim pojmom). Very Happy

I posle neka neko kaze da je blues spor, statican, neaktivan. Wink

"A common misconception within contemporary swing dance culture is that a blues dance must necessarily be slow, sensual, and emotionally intense. Yet, as with blues music, a blues dance may reflect loneliness, longing, sadness, anger and joy, as well as love, lust, and bawdiness and range across tempos and musical styles. Blues music is about common experiences. It is a sharing of human condition that is accessible to all, and at some level, any given blues dance can include one or more feelings from any point on the spectrum of human emotion."

"Many aspects of Blues dance (for example, call and response, emotional intensity and expressiveness, and tension and release) are directly related to the music to which it is danced. There are many types of blues music, rural, urban, up-tempo, slow, electric, gutbucket, delta, modern, etc., all with very different nuances and emotions.
Some who have tried to pick up blues dancing simply by observation overlook the nuances of the dance beyond its 'sexy' side. The sensual appearance may overshadow the basis and structure of the dance. Some of the best blues dancing is rooted in subtle physical communication, and is almost impossible for anyone to learn simply by watching.
Blues dance enables intense individuality in expressing the music. It really is all about communication, emphasizing that the music, not the dancer, leads the dance; we are simply the interpreters. Blues dance demonstrates the passion of the entire range of human emotions, not just the sensual ones. If you don't have a visceral reaction to the music, your partner, and the environment, then you are missing the wonders of dancing blues."

"It is very personal and intimate in ways that other improvisational dances like Lindy Hop cannot be simply because in blues there is so much less complexity in the music. What is left is raw, unpolished, human vulnerability. Blues dancing is an intimate expression or conversation between dancers that can be personal, spiritual, and emotional in ways that verbal communication fails. When done correctly, Blues Dancing can be one of the most rewarding and indescribable experiences any level of dancer can have."

"Blues is an elaborate fusion of ideas from every dance style, from the mambo of Dirty Dancing to the romanticism of Ballet. The tempo and space given by the music allows a freedom of interpretation and improvisation that is seldom found in partner dances."

"Blues dancing is almost indescribable. Well, okay, you could easily refer to it as 'floorplay'… because it looks pretty… um, sexy. There’s not really a basic step, other than moving with the downbeat. However, it isn’t that easy… this dance requires some concentration. Like most swing dances, the blues is rooted deeply in early African American culture and is a fusion of several different styles – from Lindy Hop to Ballet. The dance was born in smokey dives and at house parties right around the same time as other swing dances were starting to catch. It was pure reflection of the music. However, it lacked the social acceptance that more popular dances had, and therefore stuck closely to its African American principles of movement. Those movements are based mainly in the hips and in the body’s center.
Blues music allows for immense individual interpretation, and lets the lead and follow be flexible. The music leads the dance. You’ll need to pay close attention to what your partner is communicating. So grab someone, get out on the floor… turn the lights down, let the music sink into your soul and the dance will flow."

a ja mogu samo da thank-ujem onom ko me "zvanichno" 'upoznao' sa blues-dance-om - istim (:

bonus: Smile

p.s. bocke, kad vec pominjesh, ... Mr. Green

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