casual, random, jukebox playlist....


casual, random, jukebox playlist....

Martha & The Vandellas "Dancing in the Streets"

Terez Montcalm - Sweet Dreams

cat's in the cradle - johnny cash

The Moden Lovers - Roadrunner smešak

roxy music - love is the drug

faithless - salva mea
(ne daju embedding)

faithless - we come one

All the subtle flavours of my life
are become bitter seeds
and poisoned leaves
without you

You represent what's true
I drain the colour from the sky
And turn blue
without you

These arms lack a purpose
Flapping like a humming-bird
I'm nervous 'cause
I'm the left eye
you're the right

Would it not be madness to fight
We come one

In you the song which rights my wrongs
In you the fullness of living
The power to begin again
From right now, in you

We come one

I'm not afraid
never never scared
Worries washed
pressed air
I am the left eye
you're the right
Would it not be madness to fight

We come one

Clint Eastwood - Stop That Train

Bob Marley - Stop That Train

gory box - portishead
(nije original video, mada je odlican, ali ne moze embed Sad)

Alice by Tom Waits

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