goddess of daydreams

goddess of daydreams

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I am Dream...
I am Goddess of DayDreams.
From the moment you lend me your mind,
I start doing magical things. The wistful
expression on your face is my sculpture.
The smile on your face is but a mere tickle
from my magical fingers.
Your mind is my playground.
Lend me your mind and enter my world...
Dream, dream, dream...

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Some people say day dreaming is for the lazy minded fools with nothing else to do. So let them laugh at me, just as long as I have you to see me through. I have nothing to lose as long as I have you!
Jimi Hendrix

"lsn't life under the sun
just a dream?lsn't what l see, hear and smell just a
mirage of the world before the world?How can it be that l, the one l am,
wasn't there before l was there...and that some time l, the one l am,
no longer will be the one l am?"

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