in my secret life without words

in my secret life without words

  • Pridružio: 22 Nov 2003
  • Poruke: 1978
  • Gde živiš: na preseku Vremena i Vechnosti

The Secret Life of Words

Josef: I thought, um, you and I, maybe we could go away somewhere. Together. One of these days. Today. Right now. Come with me.
Hanna: No, I don't think that's going to be possible.
Josef: Why not?
Hanna: Um, because I think that if we go away to someplace together, I'm afraid that, ah, one day, maybe not today, maybe, maybe not tomorrow either, but one day suddenly, I may begin to cry and cry so very much that nothing or nobody can stop me and the tears will fill the room and I won't be able to breath and I will pull you down with me and we'll both drown.
Josef: I'll learn how to swim, Hanna. I swear, I'll learn how to swim.

My Life Without Me

Natalie Merchant - My Skin

Leonard Cohen - In My Secret Life

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