party girl

party girl

  • Pridružio: 02 Mar 2005
  • Poruke: 901

"It doesn't matter what you create
If you have no fun
Pretty girl, put down your pen
Come over here
I'll show you how it's done

I can dance
I can drink
In the dark
It's all a trick

Across the room
Across the street
I'm in the moment
Can't you see

I'm a party girl
Do a twirl
See my eyes throw a glance
Can't you tell I'm a natural
Life of a party girl
Funny girl
Make you laugh
Want me bad
Now I feel so much better

In the back of a car
I just met them tonight
And I feel like such a star

What's your name
What's your art
Nobody knows
About my broken heart

Yes I'm a party girl
Crazy girl
See my lips how they move
Can't you see I'm a natural
Life of a party girl
Sexy girl
I used to be so fragile
But now I'm so wild

What did you do last night?
Oh I was out so late now I'm so tired

I used to cry
But now I don't have the time

I used to be so fragile
But now I'm so wild."


(najomiljeniji album ikad)


donji Dorcol & kokteli sa brazliskom rakijom @" Ugao", priceless.... kad vikend tako prodje, onda nema veze ako u ponedeljak lije kisha.(::

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