put za Valhallu

put za Valhallu

  • Pridružio: 29 Jan 2009
  • Poruke: 488
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There is a road and it leads to Valhalla
where only the chosen are allowed
There is a boy with a dream of Valhalla
a place in the land of the gods

But in the heart where the fire burns forever
Where life goes on for those who fell in battle
The gods are waiting the moment he falls in a fight
And he will rise when the sun goes down

Raised high his sword
As he cried out Valhalla
His dream had become reality
And tonight he will die
On the road to Valhalla
Chosen to feast with the gods

But in the heart where the fires burn forever
Where life goes on for the mighty and ........
The journey has finally come to an end for the boy
And he has reasons as the greatest of them all

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