the fifth element


the fifth element

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(warning: fans only)


David: They really made her...
Priest Vito Cornelius: Perfect. I know.

Njjacu ulogu odigrao je Kris Taker. Kakv kralj Laughing

Korben, my man...

jedna od omiljenih mi scena:

Father Cornelius and Ruby Rhod see the bomb stuck to the door]
Father Cornelius: It's a - it's a - it's a - it's a - it's a - it's a -
DJ Ruby Rhod: No no no no no no. If it were a bomb, wouldn't we be hearing the alarms? All these hotels have bomb detectors.
[The alarms sound]

Very Happy
Priest Vito Cornelius: I know she's made to be strong, but she's also so fragile, so human. Know what I mean?
Zorg: Life, which you so nobly serve, comes from destruction, disorder and chaos. Take this empty glass. Here it is, peaceful, serene and boring. But if it is... [pushes glass off table] destroyed... [robot cleaners move to clean broken glass] Look at all these little things. So busy now. Notice how each one is useful. What a lovely ballet ensues so full of form and color. Now, think about all those people that created them. Technicians, engineers, hundreds of people who'll be able to feed their children tonight so those children can grow up big and strong and have little teeny weeny children of their own, and so on and so forth. Thus, adding to the great chain... of life. [desk prepares a glass of water and a bowl of fruit] You see, Father, by creating a little destruction, I'm actually encouraging life. In reality, you and I are in the same business. Cheers.
[drinks water with cherry, only to choke on cherry stuck in throat. Zorg frantically presses all buttons on his desk in an attempt to get something to clear his throat]
Priest Vito Cornelius: Where's the robot to pat you in the back? Or the engineer? Or their children, maybe?
[desk brings out Zorg's pet Picasso; Zorg motions it to try and help him]
Priest Vito Cornelius: There, you see how all your so-called power counts for absolutely nothing? How your entire empire of destruction comes... crashing down. All because of one little... cherry.
[slaps Zorg in the back, causing him to spit the cherry]
Priest Vito Cornelius: Because it is evil, absolutely evil.
President Lindberg: One more reason to shoot first.
Priest Vito Cornelius: Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger.
President Lindberg: [phone call from President to Korben Dallas] Major Dallas, I first would like to salute a warrior, you are a shining example of this Army's might, in the name of the Federation and it's territory...
Korben Dallas: Mr. President, Mr. President, any idea when you gonna be getting to the point?
President Lindberg: O.K. There's a ball of fire, it's 1200 miles in diameter headin straight for Earth, and we have no idea how to stop it. That's the problem.
DJ Ruby Rhod: What's wrong with you? What you screamin' for? Every 5 minutes there's somethin', a bomb or somethin'. I'm leavin'. Bzzzzz!
Mr. Green

Green Laughing

The Diva dance Cool

^^ yup, great Smile

A, bre, pa sad moram da nadjem DVD i ponovo gledam film.A toliko puta sam ga gledao, pogotovo za vreme bombardovanja...

Diva full:

Film je bio pravo osvezenje. Ima jedan poseban smek Wink

O odlicno sad bi ga i ja ponovo gledala. Najbolja scena mi je kad Lilo pravi rucak tako sto stavi tableticu u mikrotalasnu a izadje celo peceno pile.Kakav trip

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