Perl Tutorijali i besplatne e-knjige

Perl Tutorijali i besplatne e-knjige

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Perl Tutorijali i besplatne e-knjige

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Zvanična Perl dokumentacija (HTML [3Mb], PDF+HTML [16Mb])

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Besplatne e-knjige

Extreme Perl
Formati: HTML, PDF, PDF (A4)

Citat:Extreme Perl is a book about Extreme Programming using the programming language Perl. This site contains the entire book. Please send me your suggestions, questions, etc. to comments at You may also want to join the Extreme Perl Group at Yahoo! Groups to discuss Extreme Programming with Perl.

Learning Perl the Hard Way
Formati: PDF, PS.GZ

Citat:Do we really need another Perl book? Well obviously I think so, and here's why:

* I want a book for people who already know how to program in another language, but don't know Perl.

* I want a book that gets through the basics as quickly as possible. I'm sick of reading about the precedence of operators; I want to know how to do the fun stuff.

* I want a book that emphasizes good programming style in Perl. Many of the Perl programs I have seen are written in a quick-and-dirty style; I wanted to see if the style I have developed in other languages can translate.

* In many Perl books, object-oriented programming is treated as an optional feature for advanced programming. I wanted to bring it closer to the center of focus (although I am anything but an object-oriented bigot).

In presenting Perl features, I tried to find examples that are interesting in their own right, and that encourage the reader to explore Perl's features.

Practical Perl Programming

Citat:Perl is a programming language which can be used for a large variety of tasks. A typical simple use of Perl would be for extracting information from a text file and printing out a report or for converting a text file into another form. But Perl provides a large number of tools for quite complicated problems, including systems programming.

Programs written in Perl are called Perl scripts, whereas the term the perl program refers to the system program named perl for executing Perl scripts. (What, confused already?)

If you have used shell scripts or awk or sed or similar (Unix) utilities for various purposes, you will find that you can normally use Perl for those and many other purposes, and the code tends to be more compact. And if you haven't used such utilities but have started thinking you might have need for them, then perhaps what you really need to learn is Perl instead of all kinds of futilities.

Perl is implemented as an interpreted (not compiled) language. Thus, the execution of a Perl script tends to use more CPU time than a corresponding C program, for instance. On the other hand, computers tend to get faster and faster, and writing something in Perl instead of C tends to save your time.

Perl Reference Guide

Citat:The Perl Reference Guide is a typeset quick reference guide to Larry Wall's Perl program, version 5.004. It is freely available (in PostScript format) on the Internet.

The Guide contains a concise description of all Perl statements, functions, variables and lots of other useful information.

The purpose of the Reference Guide is to aid in the use of Perl, to look up the syntax of specific functions, statements and the meaning of built-in variables. It is not a self-contained user guide - basic knowledge of the Perl language is required. It is not complete - some of the more obscure variants of perl constructs have been left out. But all functions and variables are mentioned in at least one way they can be used.

Picking Up Perl
Formati: HTML, HTML (podeljeni), PDF, PS, TEXINFO (tar.gz), TEXINFO (tar.bz2)

Citat:This book has been created for a number of reasons. The primary reason is to provide a freely redistributable tutorial for the Perl language. In writing this freely redistributable tutorial, it is our hope that the largest number of people can have access to it and share it.

In the Perl community, we have discovered ways to save time by writing Perl programs that make our jobs and lives easier. Surely, Perl is not a panacea, but it has certainly made our lives a little bit better. It is hoped that you can use Perl to make your jobs and lives easier, too.

Opšti tutorijali

Norm Matloff's Introduction to the Perl Language
Formati PDF

Citat:"Do you know Perl?" This is a job-interview question asked by many employers. Here is how you can begin to develop skills in that language.

The Perl language, which achieved great popularity among Unix users, is also used by many people on other platforms, such as Windows, Macs and so on. The language can be thought of as being half way between a csh/bash/ksh script and the C language. The Perl language powers a large portion of the World Wide Web. It is especially neat for line-oriented applications, i.e. applications dealing with lines of input text, and applications involving strings.

Essential Perl
Formati: PDF, HTML

Citat:Stanford CS Education Library: a 23 page introduction to the main features of the Perl language. Perl has a large number of features, but you can get pretty far just knowing a few core things, and that's what this article is about. The coverage is pretty quick -- it's intended for people who know some programming but need an introduction to Perl's way of doing things. Topics include: scalar variables, strings, arrays, hash tables, file input and output, regular expressions, and subroutines. Beginner's Introduction

Citat:Perl is the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages: powerful and adaptable. It was first developed by Larry Wall, a linguist working as a systems administrator for NASA in the late 1980s, as a way to make report processing easier. Since then, it has moved into a large number of roles: automating system administration, acting as glue between different computer systems; and, of course,
being one of the most popular languages for CGI programming on the Web.

Perl Programming Tutorial

Citat:This tutorial takes only an Introductory look at Perl. Therefore, if you wish to study the Perl Programming Language further, consult the texts mentioned below. This tutorial is based largely off two excellent ORA texts:
Schwartz, Randal L. and Tom Christiansen. Learning Perl. Cambridge: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1997.
Wall, Larry, et. al. Programming Perl. Beijing: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 2000.

This tutorial is not meant to replace these texts. It should be used as a supplement only. You cannot learn Perl by just reading about it! You must practice what you learn if you expect to get anything out of this tutorial.

Robert's Perl Tutorial
Komentar: orijentisan na win32 platformu, ali 90% materijala primenjivo i na drugim platformama.

Citat:This tutorial is...

A basic Perl course primarily for use on Win32 platforms. It assumes that the reader knows nothing of programming whatsoever, but needs a solid grounding for further work. After you finish this course you'll be ready to specialise in CGI, sysadmin or whatever you want to do with Perl.

Tutorijali - CGI

Beginner's Tutorial for CGI Perl Language

Citat:Perl or Practical Extraction and Report Language is described by Larry Wall, Perl's author, as follows:

Perl is an interpreted language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It's also a good language for any system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal).

Beginner's Guide to CGI programming with Perl
Formati: HTML (zip), HTML (tar.gz)

Citat:This page is designed to help novice programmers learn the Perl programming language. Specifically, it's designed to help them learn enough to run CGI scripts on a Unix Web server.

This page grows out of my own experience. When I started out on the Web I was new to Unix, and had no formal training as a programmer. I wanted to create dynamic pages for my Web site, though, and everyone said Perl was the way to go. They were right: It was the way to go. It sounds trite to say that "Perl changed my life," but that's basically what happened.

Tizag Perl Tutorial

Citat:This tutorial will be covering the PERL syntax and should provide you with a very solid foundation of PERL for you to build upon. It is recommended that before you start walking through our tutorial that you have a general understanding of Web Development as well as some background knowledge of HTML and CSS as our tutorial is directed toward Web programming.

We will be incorporating our PERL scripts with HTML, CSS, and PHP so if you are unfamiliar with any of these languages, it may be a good idea to touch base with the tutorials offered here, or elsewhere for that matter to familiarize yourself with the code we offer.

Ostali tutorijali

XML and Perl::Practical XML

Citat:The potential benefits of using XML as a generic self-descriptive data format are so compelling that many developers are already integrating the technology into their products. We will probably not see XML documents replacing HTML in the next year or so, but we will see it used extensively to automate Web content management processes. These processes include building Web indexes, resource catalogs, and enhancing searching capabilities. The scope of implementation may involve a single document, a logical collection of multiple documents, or an entire Web site.

Perl/Tk Tutorial - Create GUI with Perl's Tk Module

Citat:Perl/Tk (also known as pTk) is a collection of modules and code that attempts to wed the easily configured Tk 8 widget toolkit to the powerful lexigraphic, dynamic memory, I/O, and object-oriented capabilities of Perl 5. In other words, it is an interpreted scripting language for making widgets and programs with Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

Perl or Practical Extraction and Report Language is described by Larry Wall, Perl's author, as follows: "Perl is an interpreted language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It's also a good language for any system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal)."

Writing Your Own Gimp_Perl Scripts

Citat:The Gimp comes with an extremely powerful scripting system. The original scripting method was called Script-Fu. Script-Fu is based on SIOD, Scheme In One Defun, similar to the LISP language. Marc Lehmann and others have done an excellent job adding Perl bindings to Gimp 1.2. These scripting methods are more advanced than anything that Adobe Photoshop has. The only thing that is similar to scripting in Photoshop is macro recording. Learning how to use Gimp_Perl is an excellent idea because it will save you a lot of time doing menial, repetative tasks. As a web designer this system is very useful because it allows you to create a theme to design all of your icons and headers quickly.

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