All that I am

All that I am

  • Pridružio: 28 Apr 2005
  • Poruke: 3686
  • Gde živiš: The Circle

You pick me up, then you bring me down on my knees
Baby you're all that I am, just the way we are together
So far away I'm lost without you
But I keep holding on, 'till you come back to me

Your wishes are up in the clouds
Mine are way down low
You want the stars
I'm ok with just you by my side

I know I wasn't born to win
But I live not to loose
And I fight for you, each day and every night

Now you're leaving on a midnight train
You left my burning heart buried in a cold snow
But it still burns
It burns just for you

I still got your hand writing
It reminds me of you
And I keep your smile in my heart
You're forever safe deep down there

I guess my role isn't to be with you
My duty isn't to love you and to protect you
But if you would only knew...
How my days are empty without you

I guess we can blame the weather
Or the political situations
But all the wars are lost
Since I don't have you.

Za Berlinu.

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