Naucnici razmisljaju o tome kako izgledaju vanzemaljci

Naucnici razmisljaju o tome kako izgledaju vanzemaljci

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Extraterrestrial: Imagining Other Worlds

Edna DeVore
Director of Education and Public Outreach
Thu May 26,10:03 AM ET

ET is coming to your living room in "Extraterrestrial," and no one is being abducted. Over the past several months, a top-notch group of American and British scientists teamed up with Blue Wave Productions, Ltd. (for the
National Geographic) to imagine what ET is like on other worlds. It's all based upon our scientific understanding of life, stars and planetary systems. When filmed, Dr. Michael Meyer was
NASA's astrobiology program scientist, and now serves as NASA Headquarters Mars Program Scientist; Dr. Seth Shostak is a senior astronomer here at the SETI Institute; Dr. Chris McKay is a leading Mars researcher at NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Laurance Doyle conducts research on animal communication, and planetary systems around binary stars at SETI Institute and is the lead scientists at PlanetQuest, Inc. a new non-profit that will engage the public in finding extrasolar planets. Dr. Simon Conway Morris is a world-leader in evolutionary biology at Cambridge University in England...and the list goes on. These are serious and accomplished scientists--legitimate guys applying everything they know about stars, planetary systems, planetary evolution, and most especially, the evolution of life, to speculate on what life might be like on other worlds.


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