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FREE for home users, ALSee is easy to use, powerful, and by far the cutest digital picture viewer available.

ALSee is simply the best picture viewer for real people. Everything you need to view and edit your digital camera photos is in ALSee. There's no feature bloat with things that nobody uses or understands. Opening, viewing, editing, and saving pictures has never been faster or easier.

Try ALSee and see for yourself:

* View Any Picture - 24 picture file extensions
* Easy Browsing - Works just like Windows, so you already know how to use ALSee!
* Zoom In / Out - Magnification from 7% to 5000% lets you view any size picture perfectly
* Edit Pictures - Resize, rotate, convert, and save pictures
* Photo Editing - Add word balloons, text, picture overlays, effect, picture frames, and make photo corrections
* Slide Shows - View slide shows with background music
* Powerful Batch Functions - Edit and manage 1,000's of photos at 1 time
* 100% Free - 100% Fully Functional with No Time Limits

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Drago mi je da se pojavljuje sve vise novih programcica za obradu slicica jer je ACDSee postao preglomazan program za obradu slika (ne komentarisem kvalitet programa - vec brzinu ucitavanja).

Pored Fast Stone Image Viewer-a ovaj programcic mi se za sad dosta svidja.

Pregledan je, brz i ima dovoljno opcija za obradu fotografija za manje zahtevnog korisnika.

Nisam proveravao bagove vec samo mogucnosti programcica jer samo sto sam ga instalirao.


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