System Information Viewer


System Information Viewer

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Napisano: 14 Apr 2011 20:49

System Information Viewer 4.19

Enhanced the [Network] panels to work Asynchronously such that after two seconds if some systems have not responded the panel will popup and SIV will update the panel as information becomes available. The two second timeout starts once SIV has the list of computers which usually does not take very long. Added the -ASYNC and -NOASYNC options to enable and disable asynchronous operation. Note that for save files the [Network] information is always synchronous. Added Tool Tips to the [Network] pages for the thread counts, delay times and to show wide text.
Added Tool Tips to the large network screen navigation buttons and changed to have one button for each screen rather than as many buttons as there is space for.
Enhanced the [Filter] panel to show the total systems for each version of Windows.
Resolved a thread rundown issue which was triggered by changing the Font or Language. Usually SIV would gain 4 extra threads and intermittently this also caused an application fault.
Improved the support of nVidia nForce SMBus Controllers.
Resolved an issue with SIVDRIVER and reduced the number of "fixme" reports when using Wine.
Updated [USB Bus] to support systems with more than 10 Root Hub Controllers and allow for unexpected names such as HCD: rather than HCDA.
Resolved issue with SIV64X.exe V4.18 on AMD systems that was caused by a C compiler bug!

Dopuna: 14 Maj 2011 20:54

System Information Viewer 4.20

Added VIA QuadCore processor support, VX900 Chipset Memory Speed reporting and SMBus support.
Added nVidia MCP89 Chipset Memory Speed and SMBus support.
Updated Intel 5000, 5100, 5400, 7300 and E8500 chipset SMBus support. Added Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) reporting.
Added ACPI XPSS method decode and use as the CPU power level.

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SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.21

Added initial support for the Intel X79 chipset, Core i7 and Xeon (Sandy Bridge-EP) processors.
Added initial AMD FX (Zambezi), Opteron (Valencia) and Opteron (Interlagos) support.
Added SCSI Disk Drive temperature reporting and improved eSATA hot-plug support by processing WM_DEVICECHANGE messages.
Added [SPD Save] (Menu->File->Save DIMM SPD) which saves the DIMM SPD information as binary files.
Added VIA Nano X3 support. Resolved timing issue with VIA VX900 and VT8261 SMBus access.


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System Information Viewer 4.22

Added support for SMART and temperature reporting on all USB-to-SATA Bridges that support SCSIOP_ATA_PASSTHROUGH12 plus most Cypress, JMicron and Sunplus based bridges. Improved all SATA/PATA SMART attribute and SCSI LOG SENSE reporting.
Added reporting of Windows CE device information.
Added nVidia MCP73 Chipset SMBus and Memory Timings support.

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Ljudi, zasto mi ESET Smart Security izbacuje da je Trojan u pitanju, prilikom otvaranja linka iznad koji je @ benne postavio? Confused

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SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.23

Added reporting of Windows [Power Scheme], [Network Profiles] and resolved Windows 8 [ACPI HAL] BSOD issue.
Added AMD A-Series (Llano) processor support.
Added DIMM SPD XMP V1.3 SPD reporting and SPD panel tool tips.
Added [GPU I2C] panel for both AMD/ATI and nVidia GPUs. Added nVidia fan speed as percentage reporting.
When possible report the Disk Rotation Speed, Cache State and Cache Size. Fixed Initio USB SMART support.

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SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.25


Added the [GPU SLI] to report nVidia SLI Topologies and [GPU Crossfire] to report AMD Crossfire.
Added Fintek F71808A and Tyan S8812 DIMM SPD MUX support.
Resolved AMD Phenom Core Temperature updating issue.
Renamed SIV.exe to SIV32L.exe to signify 32-bit Legacy.


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Napisano: 15 Feb 2012 12:40

System Information Viewer 4.26

- Improved AMD FX-8150 Eight-Core (Zambezi) speed reporting and fixed an issue with the [MCH] page.
- Added the nVidia [GPU CUDA] reporting page, current nVidia GPU Frame Buffer usage and the [Dummy DVI] page.
- Added nVidia MCP61, MCP65, MCP67/68, MCP73, MCP77/78, MCP79/7A and MCP7B temperature reporting.
- Added the [BOINC Status] page which lists BOINC processes and GPU Memory Use or Temperatures. Including an option to set the CPU Affinity for Idle Priority Class BOINC clients. On a system with HyperThreading different cores will be used when possible.
- Added the monitoring of Battery or UPS current voltage, charge level and the estimated time remaining.
- Added a [SIV Autorun] on login setup facility.
- Updated Bulgarian and Portuguese translations.

Dopuna: 14 Mar 2012 18:51

System Information Viewer 4.27

- Windows 8 Prerelease V6.02 Build 8250 support validated, driver ACPI operations enabled and Thermal Zones fixed.
- Added the [CPU Benchmark] page. Added initial AMD A10 APU (Trinity) support.
- Added the [RDP Sessions] page. Added APC UPS HID support to the [Battery] page.
- Added cached WU summary to the [BOINC Status] panel and the -BOINC=HIDE qualifier.
- Updated [Remove SIV] to include any [SIV Autorun] entry. Added the select [Clipboard Viewer] panel.
- Updated the Romanian and Turkish translations. Resolved issue running under Wine when the SMBIOS/DMI data is outside the usual 128KB area

Dopuna: 15 Apr 2012 2:57

System Information Viewer 4.28

Added Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and 7 Series Chipset Support. Improved Intel X79 and added C600 chipset support.
Added GPU % load summary, nVidia GTX 680 power support, updated clock speed reporting and CUDA Peak GFLOPS calculations.
Added the [HID Bus] and [PMB Bus] panels. Improved APC USB/HID UPS support and reporting.
Added Gigabyte Z77 and X79 motherboard support including the reporting of the PMBus based Digital Power Controllers.
Added Menu->File->Save Public to generate save files with private information excluded.
Added the -PATH="<boinc folder>[;<data folder>]" qualifier which can be used to specify the folders of a BOINC instance.
Updated Intel DX58SO motherboard for ADT7490 sensors being used rather than aSC7621 on later board revisions.
Fixed Wine "1.4" recognition issue.

Dopuna: 15 Maj 2012 13:52

System Information Viewer 4.29

Updated GTX 600 series voltage reporting, the [GPU Info] panel layout and overclocked nVidia GPUs.
Added reporting of nVidia GPU Performance Decrease reasons.
Display GPU fan speed RPM and % when both are available.
Updated [BOINC Status] to show when Network Activity is allowed and if not to defer Auto Retry. Added a facility to set GPU tasks to run at Above Normal priority.
Added Nuvoton NCT6779D sensor support.
Fixed [GPU CUDA] for elderly 258.96 drivers.
Resolved an [ACPI Eval] timeout issue with "\EC0_\WEOF" on the ASUS U36SD.

Dopuna: 15 Jun 2012 9:45

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.30

- Windows 8 Release Preview V6.02 Build 8400 support validated and driver ACPI operations enabled.
- Added the [Embedded Controller] page and EC sensor reporting for ASUS P8Z77 motherboards..
- Added Enable of the X7, P7, P6 and P5 Series Chipset Thermal Controller.
- Update [GPU Apps] to allow for no nVidia GPU when NVAPI is present.
- Update to use --get_state for BOINC V7.00.26 and later as the --get_simple_gui_info output has changed.
- Added -INIT=NOAPM to tell SIV to try and Disable APM on all the disk drives and then exit.

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System Information Viewer 4.31

Novosti & Ispravke:

- Added Ivy Bridge + Sandy Bridge GPU Clock speed, Voltage, Temperature and Power reporting.
- Resolved issues with Ivy Bridge memory speed and "siv -save=[win-ce]=<file>".
- When "EnableBalloonTips" is FALSE don't use Balloon Tool Tips.
- Added the [JMicron RAID Controller] page.

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Napisano: 10 Sep 2012 17:01

System Information Viewer 4.32

-Windows 8 RTM V6.02 Build 9200 support validated and driver ACPI operations enabled.
-Updated the [SMB Bus] support to when possible interlock using the INUSE_STS semaphore that is implemented in most Intel SMBus controllers (ICH1 and later). Some third party SMBus drivers incorrectly leave the INUSE_STS semaphore in a claimed state after they have completed their operations. When SIV detects this it will temporarily stop using INUSE_STS and indicate it has done this by un-checking INUSE on the [SMB Bus] panel. Note that SIV uses both the INUSE_STS semaphore and the Access_SMBUS.HTP.Method mutex.
- Added the [Chipset SMBus] panel which shows the INUSE_STS semaphore state. If you see the checkbox ticked this indicates a third party SMBus driver has incorrectly left the INUSE_STS semaphore in a claimed state and should be updated.
- Added Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 and initial ASRock 970 Extreme3 + 990FX Extreme4 motherboard support.
- Added VIA VX11 chipset support.
- Added support for the Access_PCI mutex which is used to interlock critical access to PCI Configuration space.
- Resolved an issue with [Battery] Granularity reporting and tidied up the panel layout.
- Added [JMicron RAID] SMART reporting.
- Added -NORAID to disable SMART on RAID Array Drives.
- Added support for the On Semi ADP4000 and NCP4200 PMBus Power Controllers.
- Added [ACPI ASPT] that reports the ACPI SPTT information.

Dopuna: 21 Okt 2012 3:16

System Information Viewer 4.33

- Added initial Intel Haswell, 8 Series chipset and AMD FX-8300 Series (Vishera) support.
- Updated the Disk Drive Statistics panels to add the selection of Delta or Total values.
- Added the [IPI Delay] panel which shows the IPI Delays when calling KeIpiGenericCall().
- Updated the CPU speed reporting to read all the CPU MSRs at the same time by using KeIpiGenericCall().
- Added support for Intel Rapid Storage Technology V11.06.0.1030.
- Added sensor support for the Supermicro X9DAi and ASRock 890GX Extreme3 motherboards.
- Resolved a handle leak with the [Bluetooth] panel.
- Updated [Chipset SMBus] panel to show the SIV Driver INUSE Wait timeout which should be < 100ms.

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