Mozilla Firefox for Android

Mozilla Firefox for Android

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Mozilla Firefox 8.0 for Android

The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings the best of desktop browsing to mobile. It’s fast, easy to use and customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe online.


Awesome Screen
Browse your favorite sites with minimal or no typing.

Access your browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs from any device.

Customize your browser quickly and easily.

Get to the Web and find what you’re looking for fast.

Enjoy the convenience of tabbed browsing on the go.

Dress up your browser the way you like it.

Use apps like Google, Twitter and Facebook to keep your friends in the loop.

Location-Aware Browsing
Get better, more relevant information when on the go.

Swipe to the left and bookmark any site with one touch.

The Firefox browser works on most Android devices.

What's New in Firefox for Android

The latest version of Firefox for Android has the following changes:

    Master Password: Added support for one master password to help users encrypt saved usernames and passwords for increased security
    Add Bookmarks to Your Home Screen: Users can now bookmark any website and add it to their Android Home Screen. From the Home Screen, the user can launch the bookmarked website with one click
    Firefox for Android is built on the same rendering engine as Firefox for desktop computers. Please see the Firefox release notes for additional relevant changes

What's New with Add-ons

There are now over 160 add-ons for Firefox for mobile, and counting. Thanks to our awesome community, the number of exciting compatible add-ons increases constantly.
If you are a developer: Now is the time to extend your reach and build a new awesome add-on, or to make your mobile add-ons compatible with Firefox for Android. Find all the tools and resources you need on the Mozilla Developer Network.

Existing add-on developers can find more information about the specific changes in this version on the Mozilla Developer Network.

Please see the features from previous releases to see what other technologies are available for add-on developers.


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Neverovatno, i ova (nova) verzija je spora kao prosla, lepi su "dodaTci" ali je neoptimizovan skroz...procesor zakucava na max iako samo citas tekst na nekom sajtu, steta sto se neko zaista ne potrudi da optimizuje i sredi FF za android. STOCK browser na androidu i dalje nema konkurenciju najbrzi moguci browser...

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Ja sam mislio da će biti brz kao munja, a ono spo kao puž.Brži je default browser od Mozile.

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