how to transfer text messages from android to computer?

how to transfer text messages from android to computer?

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Text messaging is a fundamental way that people communicate and many important notice or business information may be sent or received by text messages.
There are two main reasons why we need to transfer text messages to computer. You have memorable text messages received from your lover, your friends or your families and you wish to keep them forever.
The other reason for transferring SMS to computer is for future records before they clear their inbox or outbox. Don't know how to transfer text messages from android to computer, try Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Step 1:Connect Android Phone to pc
The first thing you need to do is to download and install the Android contacts manager on your pc and launch it. The next is connect your Android phone to pc via usb cable. Your device will appear on the screen. The manager would recognise your android device automatically.

Notice: If this is the first time you connect android phone to the problem on computer, you should enable USB debugging first, and install a USB driver on your computer, then the app would detect your android phone automatically.

Step 2:Select sms and Start Export

That's all!

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Thanks for sharing, iPubsoft Android Transfer could also help, we can use it to transfer almost everything from android phone to computer, google it to know more info

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Da, možemo backup Android telefona podataka na računalo, ali, potreban vam je Android Managertool da nam pomogne. Ovaj alat se zove Android Mobile Manager. Ona ima sposobnost da backup, uređivanje kontakata i tekstualnih poruka na računalu, prenositi datoteke iz android na PC i instalirati / deinstalaciju Apps.

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