Iznenadno gašenje kompa u toku igranja


Iznenadno gašenje kompa u toku igranja

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Hiren's BootCD 7.9
All in one Dos Bootable CD which has all these utilities
Partition Tools
Partition Magic Pro 8.05
Best software to partition hard drive

Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0
Popular disk management functions in a single suite

Paragon Partition Manager 7.0.1057
Universal tool for partitions

Partition Commander 9.01
The safe way to partition your hard drive,with undo feature

Ranish Partition Manager 2.44
a boot manager and hard disk partitioner.

The Partition Resizer v1.3.4
move and resize your partitions in one step and more.

Smart Fdisk 2.05
a simple harddisk partition manager

SPecial Fdisk 2000
SPFDISK a partition tool.

eXtended Fdisk 0.9.3
XFDISK allows easy partition creation and edition

GDisk 1.1.1
Complete replacement for the DOS FDISK utility and more.
Disk Clone Tools
ImageCenter 5.6 (Drive Image 2002)
Best software to clone hard drive

Norton Ghost 8.3
Similar to Drive Image (with usb/scsi support)

Acronis True Image 8.0
Create an exact disk image for complete system backup and disk cloning.

Partition Saver 2.80
A tool to backup/restore partitions.
Antivirus Tools
F-Prot Antivirus 3.16b
Very good virus scanner (with ntfs support and easy to use menu)

McAfee Antivirus 4.40
a virus scanner (with ntfs support and easy to use menu)
Recovery Tools
Active Partition Recovery 3.0
To Recover a Deleted partition.

Active Uneraser 3.0
To recover deleted files and folders on FAT and NTFS systems.

Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro 6.10
To Recover data that has been deleted/virus attack

Winternals Disk Commander 1.1
more than just a standard deleted-file recovery utility

TestDisk 6.3
Tool to check and undelete partition.

Lost & Found 1.06
a good old data recovery software.

DiyDataRecovery Diskpatch 2.1.100
An excellent data recovery software.

Prosoft Media Tools 5.0 v1.1.2.64
Another excellent data recovery software with many other options.

PhotoRec 6.3
File and pictures recovery Tool.
Testing Tools
System Speed Test 4.78
it tests CPU, harddrive, ect.

PC-Check 5.50
Easy to use hardware tests

Ontrack Data Advisor 5.0
Powerful diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer

The Troubleshooter 7.02
all kind of hardware testing tool

PC Doctor 3.0
a benchmarking and information tool

Test Cpu/Video/Disk 5.6
a tool to test cpu, video, and disk

Test Hard Disk Drive 1.0
a tool to test Hard Disk Drive
RAM (Memory) Testing Tools
DocMemory 2.2b
RAM Test utility

GoldMemory 5.07
RAM Test utility

Memtest86+ 1.65
PC Memory Test
Hard Disk Tools
Hard Disk Diagnostic Utilities
Seagate Seatools Desktop Edition 3.02
Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools
Western Digital Diagnostics (DLGDIAG) 5.04c
Maxtor PowerMax 4.22
Maxtor amset utility 4.0
Maxtor(or any Hdd) Low Level Formatter 1.1
Fujitsu HDD Diagnostic Tool 6.30
Fujitsu IDE Low Level Format 1.0
Samsung HDD Utility(HUTIL) 2.00
Samsung Disk Diagnose (SHDIAG) 1.28
IBM/Hitachi Drive Fitness Test 4.05
IBM/Hitachi Feature Tool 1.99
Gateway GwScan 3.15
ExcelStor's ESTest 3.70
MHDD 4.6

HDD Regenerator 1.51
to recover a bad hard drive

Ontrack Disk Manager 9.57
Disk Test/Format/Maintenance tool.

Norton Disk Doctor 2002
a tool to repair a damaged disk, or to diagnose your hard drive.

Norton Disk Editor 2002
a powerful disk editing, manual data recovery tool.

Active Kill Disk 1.1
Securely overwrites and destroys all data on physical drive.

HDAT2 4.02.05
main function is testing and repair (regenerates) bad sectors for devices

SmartUDM 2.00
Hard Disk Drive S.M.A.R.T. Viewer.

Victoria 3.33
a freeware program for low-level HDD diagnostics
System Information Tools
Aida16 2.14
a system information tool, extracts details of all components of the PC

PCI and AGP info Tool
The PCI System information & Exploration tool.

System Analyser version 5.3L
View extensive information about your hardware

Navrátil Software System Information 0.58.6
High-end professional system information tool

Astra 5.11
Advanced System info Tool and Reporting Assistant

HwInfo 4.9.8
a powerful system information utility

PC-Config 9.33
Complete hardware detection of your computer

SysChk 2.46
Find out exactly what is under the hood of your PC

CPU Identification utility v1.8
Detailed information on CPU

CTIA CPU Information
another CPU information tool
MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools
MBR Work 1.07b
a utility to perform some common and uncommon MBR functions

MBR Tool 2.1.100
backup, verify, restore, edit, refresh, remove, display, re-write...

all in one tool for cmos, bios, bootrecord and more

BootFix Utility
Run this utility if you get 'Invalid system disk'

BootSave and BootRest tools to save / restore MBR

Boot Partition 2.50
add Partition in the Windows NT/2000/XP Multi-boot loader

Partition Table Doctor 3.0
a tool to repair/modify mbr, bootsector, partition table

Smart Boot Manager 3.7.1
a multi boot manager

Bootmagic 8.0
This tool is for multi boot operating systems
CMOS 0.93
CMOS Save / Restore Tool

BIOS Razbijacer 4.8
BIOS password remover (cmospwd)

BIOS Razbijacer 1.4
BIOS password remover (cmospwc)

BIOS Utility 1.35.0
BIOS Informations, password, beep codes and more.

!BIOS 3.20
a powerfull utility for bios and cmos

a powerful all in one utility

UniFlash 1.40
bios flash utility

a tiny utility to wipe cmos
MultiMedia Tools
Picture Viewer 1.94
Picture viewer for dos, supports more then 40 filetypes.

QuickView Pro 2.57
movie viewer for dos, supports many format including divx.

MpxPlay 1.53d
a small Music Player for dos
Password Tools
Active Password Changer 3.0
To Reset User Password on windows NT/2000/XP/2003 (FAT/NTFS)

Offline NT/2K/XP Password Changer
utility to reset windows nt/2000/xp administrator/user password.

Registry Viewer 4.2
Registry Viewer/Editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2K/XP

utility to reset windows nt/2000/xp administrator/user password.

Hard Disk Password Utility
NTFS Ext2FS, Ext3FS (FileSystems) Tools
NTFS Dos Pro 5.0
To access ntfs partitions from Dos

NTFS 4 Dos 1.4
To access ntfs partitions from Dos

Paragon Mount Everything 3.0
To access NTFS, Ext2FS, Ext3FS partitions from dos

NTFS Dos 3.02
To access ntfs partitions from Dos

EditBINI 1.01
to Edit boot.ini on NTFS Partition
Dos File Managers
Volkov Commander 4.99
Dos File Manager with LongFileName/ntfs support
(Similar to Norton Commander)

Dos Command Center 5.1
Classic dos-based file manager.

File Wizard 1.35
a file manager - colored files, drag and drop copy, move, delete etc.

File Maven 3.5
an advanced Dos file manager with high speed PC-to-PC file
transfers via serial or parallel cable

FastLynx 2.0
Dos file manager with Pc to Pc file transfer capability

LapLink 5.0
the smart way to transfer files and directories between PCs.

Dos Navigator 5.9.0
Dos File Manager, Norton Commander clone but has much more features

Mini Windows 3.11
Back to old days, use it as a file manager

Mini Windows 98
Can run from Ram Drive, with ntfs support,
Added 7-Zip which supports .7z .zip .cab .rar .arj .gzip,
.bzip2 .z .tar .cpio .rpm and .deb
Disk Defragmenter, Notepad / RichText Editor,
Image Viewer, .avi .mpg .divx .xvid Movie Player, etc...
Other Tools
Ghost Walker 2003.793
utility that changes the security ID (SID) for Windows NT, 2000 and XP

DosCDroast beta 2
Dos CD Burning Tools

Universal TCP/IP Network 5.6
MSDOS Network Client to connect via TCP/IP to a Microsoft based
network. The network can either be a peer-to-peer or a server based
network, it contains 85 different network card drivers
Dos Tools
USB CD-Rom Driver 1
Standard usb_cd.sys driver for cd drive

Universal USB Driver 2
Panasonic v2.20 ASPI Manager for USB mass storage

SCSI Support
SCSI Drivers for Dos

Interlnk support at COM1
To access another computer from COM port

Interlnk support at LPT1
To access another computer from LPT port
and too many great dos tools
very good collection of dos utilities
extract.exe pkzip.exe pkunzip.exe unrar.exe rar.exe
ace.exe lha.exe gzip.exe uharcd.exe mouse.com
attrib.com deltree.exe xcopy.exe diskcopy.com imgExtrc.exe
undelete.com edit.com fdisk.exe fdisk2.exe fdisk3.exe
lf.exe delpart.exe wipe.com zap.com format.com
move.exe more.com find.exe hex.exe debug.exe
split.exe mem.exe mi.com sys.com smartdrv.exe
xmsdsk.exe killer.exe share.exe scandisk.exe scanreg.exe
guest.exe doskey.exe duse.exe biosdtct.exe setver.exe
ntersvr.exe interlnk.exe loadlin.exe lfndos.exe doslfn.com
Windows Tools
SpaceMonger 1.4
keeping track of the free space on your computer

Drive Temperature 1.0
Hard Disk Drive temperature meter

Disk Speed1.0
Hard Disk Drive Speed Testing Tool

MemTest 1.0
a Memory Testing Tool

PageDfrg 2.32
System file Defragmenter For NT/2k/XP

Split Join 1.3.3
a Small File Split-Join Tool

Ghost Image Explorer 7.0
to add/remove/extract files from Ghost image file

DriveImage Explorer 5.0
to add/remove/extract files from Drive image file

Drive SnapShot 1.36
creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file while windows is running.

Active Undelete 5.0
a tool to recover deleted files

Restoration 2.5.14
a tool to recover deleted files

Startup Control Panel 2.8
a tool to edit startup programs

Startup Monitor 1.02
it notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup

IB Process Manager 1.02
a little process manager for 9x/2k, shows dll info etc.

HijackThis 1.99
a general homepage hijackers detector and remover and more

CurrPort 1.07
displays the list of all currently opened TCP and UDP ports on your computer

Unknown Devices 1.2
helps you find what those unknown devices in Device Manager really are

PCI 32 Sniffer 1.1
device information tool (similar to unknown devices)

NewSID 4.10
utility that changes the security ID (SID) for Windows NT, 2000 and XP

Double Driver 1.0
Driver Backup and Restore tool

CPU-Z 1.31
It gathers information on some of the main devices of your system

CWShredder 2.19
Popular CoolWebSearch Trojan Remover tool

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4
Application to scan for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software.

Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06
find and remove spyware, adware, dialers etc. (a must have tool)
Hiren's Bootcd 7.9.iso (61.0MB)
Hiren's BootCD 7.9
For information about this bootcd please visit
http://thanki.tk mirror http://thanki.cjb.net

p.s. Odgovor na tvoje pitanje - ukratko na vise strana Smile


Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
  • Pridružio: 09 Apr 2006
  • Poruke: 11
  • Gde živiš: Beograd

Hvala, ali ovo je i premnogo. Pretpostavljam da ce ovo brdo informacija moci da koriste i drugi pocetnici poput mene. Sve sam sejvirao i otom, potom...laganica.Ima ovde mnogo da se uci. Treba i dosta vremena izabrati koristan program, a svi su korisni....Thanks

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  • Pridružio: 24 Mar 2006
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Bitno je da resis problem. Zao mi je sto resavanje tvog problema uglavnom zahteva dosta citanja i pronalazenja programa koji ce ti omoguciti da ustanovis gde je problem.

Negde na forumu sam u medjuvremenu pronasao link koji je mislim postovao Marko i evo njegovih predloga sta bi trebalo da se proveri u tvom slucaju (kopirao sam ga u notes):

- Napajanje
- Kablovi (IDE, kabal od napajanja )
- Hladjenje (bez obzira sto ti u idle rezimu vidis normalnu temperaturu, ona se ocigledno isuvise povecava prilikom veceg zauzeca)
- Memorija (testiraj memoriju memtestom)
- Mozda nesto nije uredu sa grafickom ili mozda cak agp slotom
- Bad sektori na HD-u ili prevelika fragmentovanost (skeniraj HD u potrazi za bad sektorima i defragmentuj disk)

- Drajveri za graficku, mozda i plocu ( prilikom uninstaliranja drajvera izbrisi i njihove tragove iz registry baze ) i kad instaliras probaj razlicite verzije drajvera.
- Virusi/spyware (skeniraj komp antivirusom, adaware-om i spybotom)
- Ostecen neki dll fajl (repair sistema)
- Ostecena registry baza (ciscenje nekim reg optimizerom)
- Neki fajlovi nisu uredu u 'problematicnim igricama ( reinstalirati igrice uz ciscenje registry baze )

Da li ti se javlja bas na svim zahtevnim igricama ?
Pregledaj komp programom pod nazivom everest, mozda on prijavi neku gresku (problems and suggestions)
Pokreni nekoliko zahtevnih aplikacija ( browser, p2p program, pusti film u nekom playeru) i pogledaj da li ce doci do pada sistema).

U svakom slucaju, kako ja kazem "Ne moze da steti, a moze da koristi".

Pozdrav. I javi kad resis problem na koji si nacin uspeo to da uradis kako bi mozda to pomoglo nekom drugom korisniku foruma.


  • Pridružio: 09 Apr 2006
  • Poruke: 11
  • Gde živiš: Beograd

Instalirao sam SpeedFan 4.28 a imam instaliran i Asus probe V2.19 . Templerature su iste. Idem na deinstalaciju drajvera za graficku Asus 9250/256 mb. To cu ovih dana uraditi, pa onda ponovo zatvaram kuciste , da vidim da li ce prilikom jacih igara da se ugasi. Da, ima dosta veoma korisnih predloga, hvala ti, idem polako redom, a sigurno javljam o rezultatu. Hvala bogu da i nekog drugog ne snadje maler, pa da stalno mora da drzi otvoreno kuciste sa ugradjena dva ventilatora, kako mu se ne bi gasio. i, to samo kod zahtevnijih igrica. Cujemo se . Pozdrav.

Dopuna: 10 Maj 2006 23:50

Dakle gospodo, duga je to priča. Kad igram jače igrice, ne gasi mi se komp. Sada zatvaram i bočnu stranicu kućišta. Do pre neki dan morao sam da je dršim otvorenu, čim zatvorim ugasi se pa moram gajtan iz struje da vadim da bih ga ponovo upalio. Nije pomoglo ni to što sam promenio napajanje sa 300 W na 400 W, što sam promenio i matičnu ploču, pa čak i miša, što sam pizvadio jednu memoriju od 256 mgb, a ostavio dve. nije pomoglo ni dodavanje jednog ventilatora pozadi, da izvlači temperaturu. Iznervirao sam se i stavio jedan mali ventilator na grafičku 925o, na ona metalna rebarca, a zatim ugradio još jedan ventilator, sprednje strane da duva unutra i, nisam ga testirao kako će se ponašati sa zatvorenom bočnom stranom. Nisam imao vremena da igram jače igrice. A, onda sam zamenio procesor i. hvala Bogu, zatvorio kućište, pa sad ceo dan samo piči...Temperatura CPu , Seleron 3.20 Ghc, je oko 30 C, matične takodje, a hard diska 25C. MOžda nije trebalo da menjam procesor, ali sam pretpostavio da on zeza jer sam gakoristio od kraja 2003.god. AMD Atlon 200 +. Dakle možda sam mogao da zatvorim kućište i da probam te jače igrice i , da proverim da li će da se gasi. Jer, kako objasniti činjenicu da mi se komp ne gasi kad je kućište otvoreno, znači ima strujanje vazduha, jedna pretpostavka. Druga je, da u toku igranja moj stari AMD Atlon poludi i, kod zatvorenog kućišta ugasi mi komp.Ali ga tako ugasi da ne možeš normalno da ga upališ. Da li su mipomogli ventilatori ili novi procesor, ja još uvek nisam siguran. Važno je da ssam rešio problem i da neko drugi ne kupuje uzalud, sve ovo sto sam ja kupio. tj. najpre da se skoncentriše na ventilatore ili na procesor.

Dopuna: 10 Maj 2006 23:58

Ispravka za AMD Atlon, reč je o 2000+ a ne 200. U svakom slučaju hvala na savetima, koje tek sad polako proučavam, jer ih je bilo zaista mnogo..Koristiće mi da proširim svoju neukost...Jer, ima dosta navedenih programa za koje ja ni ne znam, a mogu da mi posluže za ubuduće. Čujemo se.

  • Pridružio: 30 Maj 2006
  • Poruke: 122
  • Gde živiš: Deutschland

evo da i ja pitam nesto.imam AMD sEMPERON 2800 +2000 skoro sam ga kupio i nesto me zeza.na pocetku kad sam ga uzeo bio mi je odjednom nesto zakocio i tako je pocelo cesce da mi koci i moram ga svaki put restartovati jer nemoze drugacije.i nakon duzeg vvremena sam dosao do zakljucka zasto mi je kocio.bio mi je primaknut skroz do stola dako da tamo gdje ima otvoreno za vazduh nije moglo da dopire srtujenje vazduha i zato mi je bio kocio.i kad sam ga odmakeo sad ide bolje ali sad recimo kad sam na msn ili kad igram neku igru nakon 5 ili 10 minuta opet mi zakoci.imam program za tepperaturu i kad provjerim temperatura MI SE DIZE NAGLO I ONDA ODJEDNOM ZAKOC´ KOMPJUTER JER SE IZGLEDA PREGRIJE:STA SAD DA RADIM SA NJIM ILI STA TREBA SDA DA SE PROMJENI

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  • Pridružio: 24 Mar 2006
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Pretostavljam da ti je slab kuler, a i sad su velike vrucine, pa kad pokrenes igricu procesor ti se pregreje, zakoci kompjuter i resetuje se.

Obzirom da vidim da imas program za merenje temperature, pokreni ga, pokreni igricu i prati podizanje temperature procesora - pa javi da li se temperatura podize, do koje granice i kad ti se resetuje kompjuter.


  • Pridružio: 30 Maj 2006
  • Poruke: 122
  • Gde živiš: Deutschland

pa nekad mi stoji 49 i to je oznaceno kao ok a nekad mi pokazuje 51 ili 52 a nista neradim sa kompjuterom i ima ikona vatra kako gori.a kad pokrenem igru temperatura se podize i dodje recimo kako kad nekada do 53 ili do 55 i onda mi zakoci samo i moram ga restartovati a nekada me sam izbaci iz igre

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  • Pridružio: 24 Mar 2006
  • Poruke: 1219
  • Gde živiš: Nis

Znaci da ti je slab kuler. Poboljsaj malo hladjenje (nadji neki malo jaci kuler) i neces imati tih problema.


  • Pridružio: 09 Sep 2003
  • Poruke: 230
  • Gde živiš: Beograd

@Majkl 1
Meni se komp nalazi u stolu i problem sa hladjenjem sam resio tako sto sam postavio pregradu od stirodura (moze i stiropor, svejedno), kojom sam podelio unutrasnjost stola na dve komore.Pregrada 'objahuje' kuciste tako da se sa jedne strane nalaze otvori za ulazak svezeg vazduha, a sa druge ventilatori koji izbacuju topao vazduh.
Ranije, dok sam imao xp2000+ na kucistu je bio i ventilator koji je ubacivao vazduh.Sada imam semprona 2800+ box, skinuo sam taj ventilator i temperatura je u proseku niza za 10 stepeni.
Ura za sempron.

  • Pridružio: 23 Avg 2014
  • Poruke: 1

Kad sam igrao igru neku na Windows xp, komp mi se nije gasio,ubacio sam w7 radi brzi ali se tokom igre gas,npr igram Fifu World i ugasi se odjenom,a kad igram cs ugasi se.
Procesor: AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 4200+ 2.20 gh Crying or Very sad
Ram: 2 gb
Napajanje nez koje je znam da sam uzeo novo samo za graficku,al nez ostalo

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