Naucnici otkrili sta cini melodiju "zaraznom"

Naucnici otkrili sta cini melodiju "zaraznom"

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Naucnici su pronasli deo mozga gde se melodija "zakaci" za mozak.

How tunes get stuck in your head

'Agadoo' by Black Lace had a catchy tune for some
Scientists may have found what makes a tune catchy, after locating the brain area where a song's "hook" gets caught.

A US team from Dartmouth College, reported in the journal Nature, played volunteers tunes with snippets cut out.

They scanned for brain activity and found it centred in the auditory cortex - which handles information from ears.

When familiar tunes played, the cortex activity continued during the blanks - and the volunteers indeed said they still mentally "heard" the tunes.


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