Struja kroz jedan molekul

Struja kroz jedan molekul

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Извињавам се ако ми је Енглески мало наопак. Већи део текста сам морао са холандског на енглески да преведем па зато.
Иначе лепо је прочитати да има и наших студената који истажују на европском нивоу.

Leiden physicist builds smallest possible bit of electronics

Leiden physicist Darko Djukić has succeeded to link electrodes to a hydrogen molecule, the simplest on Earth, and in this way to build the smallest bit of electronics. Wednesday 25th October he will present his research on the University of Leiden (Netherlands).

The traditional electronics have almost reached their boundaries. Electronic circuits are at their limits concerning reliability and speed.

The hope rests on nanotechnology, where the laws of the quantum mechanics dominate. Scientists are doing serious studies into electronic connections of which the components exist from only one molecule. In 2002 the Leiden research group of Professor Jan Ruitenbeek discovered that even one hydrogen molecule can transport electric current trough an ultra thin platinum wire.

The work of Darko Djukić is an important step forward. The aim of his research was to measure and calculate on the smallest possible molecular links (platinum hydrogen platinum) in a way so precise, that it can serve as a benchmark for all experiments and theories in this field.

He showed that it is indeed possible to link chains of hydrogen molecules (H2), and to manipulate the voltage. He also introduced an entirely new technique in order to identify molecular ultrasound vibrations. In this way, it can be determined which type of molecule can act as a bridge between the wires which conduct the current.

Armed with this knowledge, Djukić has extended his measuring to other, more complex molecules as carbon mono oxide (CO) and acetylene (C2H2), so that for the first time now, a step can be made from a model system to more realistic one. That is a small step in introducing it in a applicable things.

This application is still far away from introducing it on the market because experiments take place in a vacuum, at a temperature just above the absolute zero.

D. Djukić, Simple molecules as benchmark systems for molecular electronics
Promotion University of Leiden 25th October 2006
Promoter: Prof. dr. J.M. of Ruitenbeek

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