7 Quick Fix

7 Quick Fix

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7 Quick Fix

7 Quick Fix is a small, freeware and portable tool designed to quickly fix common errors that may occur under Windows 7 and is able to re-enable certain parts of the system (such as Task Manager) after a virus attack.
7 Quick Fix can fix 21 common errors including Slow Shutdowns, Slow Thumbnails, Missing System Tray Icons, Missing DVD Drives and more. For the Windows XP equivalent, check out XPQuickFix.

Here is the complete list of what it can do:

* Enable Task Manager
* Enable Command Prompt
* Enable Registry Editor
* Enable Folder Options
* Reboot After Update (stops “You must restart for changes to take effect” after updates)
* Update Shutdown (prevents updates hijacking sleep button when there are updates to do)
* Show Shutdown
* Slow Thumbnail
* Restore Aero Function
* Disable IPv6
* Enable IPv6
* No DVD Drive
* Installer Crash
* Slow Menu
* Theme Changes (prevents themes changing cursors and desktop icons, but changes everything else)
* System Tray (fixes missing system tray icons after updates)
* Enable Taskbar Properties
* Taskbar Context
* Win-X Shortcuts (re-enables disabled Win-X shortcuts)
* Display Properties (re-enables)
* Control Panel (re-enables)

Download: http://leelusoft.blogspot.com/2009/12/7-quick-fix.html

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