Integrio uptime scout

Integrio uptime scout

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Integrio uptime scout

Monitor the uptime of your websites and be notified of the problems detected

Understanding the importance of keeping your website's downtime to the minimum, we have developed Integrio Uptime Scout.

Integrio Uptime Scout is a small tray application that will allow you to monitor the availability (uptime) of your website(s) and notifies you if the website (or the server) goes down.

Uptime Scout supports different notification methods, such as popup messages, sound alerts and email. Alert notifications can also trigger execution of user defined commands or a third-party application.

If you are already signed up for commercial web monitoring service, Uptime Scout is still useful - in most cases it notifies you much faster because alert immediately pops up on your screen, and monitoring frequency can be set as low as 30 seconds.


Oдлично програмче... Лепо подесите па ако Интегрио јавља query time od 20000 ms можете да проверите да ли Ваш сајт уопште ради... Згодно зар не ? Very Happy
Тестирао сам,баш ми је данас јављао query time od мало више од 20000 и стварно сајт је био у паду. Корисно,нема шта Mr. Green

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