NET Traffic Meter

NET Traffic Meter

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Odlican free program za merenje protoka Wink
Main features

These are some of the most important features of NET Traffic Meter:

* The most extensive traffic matter available on the internet
* Monitor any modem or network interface available
* Customized profiles and automatic adjustment options
* Daily, weekly and monthly statistics
* Export statistics as a Rich Text Document, CSV or event to an SQL database
* Graphical representation of your current volume
* Stopwatch feature to monitor and analyze traffic statistics
* Advanced alerts to notify you on specific events (download, upload, volume, time...) (larger then, smaller then,...) with audio and visual messages and ability to start and close programs.
* Advanced volume management (monitor your internet traffic and avoid small band)

* Fully customizable tool: Connection profiles, load with windows, graphic on top, dynamic mouse events, prefer bits over bytes, fully customizable charts, flexible options and management...
* Port usage analyses and statistics
* Plugin support for unlimited extensibilities
* Remote capture network analyses (experimental)
* And much more...

Above all, NET Traffic Meter is 100% free and does not contain any spyware, adware or trojans!
Link Embarassed
LCD Display Plugin
his plugin displays an LCD-style window with NTM information and can be used to replace the original chart window (optional)
NET Traffic Bar
This plugin displays a hidable button bar for faster access to NTM's functions...
Skynet ISP Plugin
This plugin allays you to synchronize the volume from your skynet ISP with NTM...

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