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SketchUp (bivši Google SketchUp)

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Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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hm... *veoma* zanimljivo!

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Ima jako lepo odradjene tutoriale, to sam zaboravio da kazem, koji u nekih 15 minuta sa tobom prave kucu. Nisam mogao da verujem koliko je lako...Na sajtu postoje i video tutorijali, kao i baza korisnickih modela - 3D Warehouse...

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Zanimljiv program stvarno.
Meni se bas svidja kako je uradjen program.

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Google SketchUp 6.0.515

Google SketchUp (free) is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D. With just a few simple tools, you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects - even space ships. And once you've built your models, you can place them in Google Earth, post them to the 3D Warehouse, or print hard copies.

* Click on a shape and push or pull it to create your desired 3D geometry.
* Experiment with color and texture directly on your model.
* Real-time shadow casting lets you see exactly where the sun falls as you model.
* Select from thousands of pre-drawn components to save time drawing.


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Ne može rogi23 a da ne doda nešto (ovo je naravno dobronamerno napisano).Samo furaj majstore!

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Google SketchUp 6.4.112


Dopuna: 17 Nov 2008 21:53

Google SketchUp 7.0.8657

Change Log:

Crossing lines break automatically
When you draw a line that crosses another line on the same plane, both lines are split where they meet. Most folks think this is how SketchUp should have worked from the start. Well, now it does. Say goodbye to tracing over edges to make them split.

Scale without stretching
New Dynamic Components are special: they're programmed to know what they are. When you use the Scale tool on a dynamic staircase, it automatically adds or removes steps as you make it bigger or smaller. No more stretching, no more distortion.

Configure objects with Component Options
Some Dynamic Components are hooked up to the new Component Options dialog box. Instead of breaking out the modeling tools to make a change, just choose options and watch the component reconfigure automatically. It's modeling without the mess.

Introducing the Interact tool

Clicking things is fun – especially with the new Interact tool. Some Dynamic Components can perform animations, rotate, move, resize, change color or move to a scene in your model when you click on them with Interact.

Build components that know what they are
With Google SketchUp Pro 7, you can turn any component into a Dynamic Component. Endowing your models with behaviors like animation and smart scaling makes them easier for you and everyone else to use. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can build Dynamic Components.

Custom attributes
Need to keep track of metadata like Part Number, Weight or Cost in your models? With SketchUp 7 Pro, you can tag your models with luscious meaning and information to make them more useful and easier to carry forward in your workflow.


Dopuna: 21 Nov 2009 0:17

Google SketchUp 7.1.6087

+ SketchUp:

# Selection/inferencing

* Selecting and inferencing could seem less precise. It was sometimes necessary to zoom in more in the original release of SketchUp 7.1 than in previous versions of SketchUp, and SketchUp could feel less snappy. Selection and inferencing now feel accurate and snappy again.
* The intersection inference of two faces was not always found unless x-ray mode was turned on. Intersection inferences should be available again in this case.
* Text and section planes were sometimes not selected. When opening some models with text on different layers, text and section planes sometimes could no longer be selected until SketchUp was reopened. This issue has been fixed and text and section planes should always be able to be selected.
* When drawing a line from edge to edge in one of the axis directions, you could see an "intersection" inference when you should see an "on edge" inference. This issue has been fixed.
* Finite guides could be incorrectly selected. Finite guides created via Ruby were previously selected as if they were infinite guides - i.e. if you picked a point parallel to the guide or did a crossing select in that same area, the guide was incorrectly selected. These guides should now be selected only if they are directly picked.

# Display

* When editing a component and selecting a component within it, instances of that component were incorrectly highlighted if the "hide similar components" setting was checked. Instances are no longer highlighted in this case.
* Text or dimensions added to an intersection were drawn incorrectly. Text or dimensions added to intersections would previously be drawn at the origin. They should now draw where they are placed.
* Section planes sometimes appeared triangulated. When a section plane was placed directly on certain slanted surfaces, it displayed triangular faces. Section planes should no longer appear triangulated.

# Collada

* Hidden geometry within groups was incorrectly exported to Google Earth. Previously, hidden geometry within a group or component was visible in Google Earth when the model was exported to Google Earth. This issue has been fixed.
* Component or group names were not exported. The Collada exporter previously did not preserve component or group names. The DAE exporter now remembers these names.
* KMZs created by earlier versions of SketchUp were not always imported correctly. Simple opaque colors in KMZs created in older versions of SketchUp would import as transparent. This issue has been fixed.

* Placing a model twice resulted in multiple temporary places in Google Earth. When placing a model in Google Earth multiple times, the temporary place in Google Earth was not overwritten and a new temporary place was created. The temporary place should now be overwritten.

# Other

* Not always prompted to save model after uploading a component. When opening a model and uploading a component to the 3D Warehouse, SketchUp didn't always prompt the user to save the model. Saving the model is necessary after an upload in order to uniquely identify the component to the 3D Warehouse. This issue has been fixed.
* Links in Photo Texture failed to start a new browser instance. When clicking on the links in the License agreement for the Photo Texture feature, SketchUp didn't start a new browser instance making it confusing to return to the agreement. This issue has been fixed.
* Needed a way to test the origin of polygons. A Ruby method (Sketchup::Curve.is_polygon?) for testing if polygons were made with the Circle or Polygon tool has now been added.

+ LayOut:

# Crashes

* Crashing when moving models or lines. In certain scenarios, a file could become corrupt, and LayOut would crash when attempting to move or rotate a specific entity in that file. LayOut should be able to handle those files without crashing now.
* Crashing when adding or sharing a layer. It was occasionally possible for a file's layer list to become corrupt. This could cause a crash when attempting to add or share a layer. New files should no longer get corrupted in this way, and older files that showed this problem should now work as expected.
* Crashing when copy/pasting an invalid text box. It was possible to create an invalid, empty text box using the Label tool. LayOut would then crash if that invalid text box was copied and pasted. LayOut no longer creates an invalid text box, and no longer crashes when the text is pasted.

* (Windows only) Crashing when opening certain files with Auto-Render on. It was possible to see a crash when opening certain files when the SketchUp Auto-Render setting was turned on. This crash should be fixed.

# Dimensions

* When creating a dimension that used Auto-Scale, the Dimension Style panel could show the wrong scale and Auto Scale setting. This has been fixed.
* When disconnecting a model-space dimension from its model, the Dimension Style panel didn't update to show that the dimension had been converted to paper-space. It now updates to show that Auto-Scale can be toggled on or off and that the scale is 1:1.
* It was possible to toggle the Auto-Scale button and chose a new scale while creating a model-space dimension, but neither of these settings actually affected that dimension. The Auto-Scale button is now disabled, and the scale will show "No Scale."

# Text

* (Windows only) When switching between open documents, the Text Style > List > Start At value of one document could be mistakenly used in another document. This has been fixed; the "Start At" value is no longer carried from one file to another.

# Other

* Unchecking the Document Setup > Major Grid checkbox did not toggle the visibility of the major grid when points were used. This checkbox works with the point grid now.
* The "Save As Version 1" setting could create files that LayOut 1 could not read. This would occur if the file contained dimensions or bulleted lists. This issue has been fixed. When saving a document as Version 1, dimensions are now removed from the file, and the bulleted lists are saved in a format that can be read by LayOut 1.
* If a SketchUp model used a clipping mask, it was possible to see snapping inferences to parts of the model that were clipped - and not visible. This has been fixed; LayOut should no longer snap to the geometry that is hidden by a clipping mask.
* On Machines that use international number formatting (where commas indicate the equivalent of US decimal points), it wasn't possible to create a line that was less than 1 pt wide. For instance, it wasn't possible to create a 0,35 pt line. This is fixed.
* Minor changes have been made to the default templates. There were a number of text boxes that contained kerning, which would cause a template to look different on Mac (which has kerning built into the native OS text system) and PC (which does not). The kerning has been removed from the text boxes.


Dopuna: 02 Sep 2010 17:12

Google SketchUp 8.0.3117

* We've added the ability to pre-select a face when using the Push/Pull tool. The Push/Pull tool now behaves similarly to our other tools (e.g. Move), but be sure that you don't have an incorrect face selected prior to activating the tool.
* The Scenes dialog has been reworked to show scene thumbnails. The first time you open the Scenes manager with a pre-SketchUp 8 file, we generate thumbnails for all of your scenes. You can always stop this process or tell SketchUp never to generate thumbnails for that model.
* The timezone drop-down has moved from Model Info to the Shadow Settings dialog box. We've also added additional UTC offsets, including fractional hour offsets.
* We upgraded our API's Ruby interpreter from version 1.8.0 to 1.8.6, which is a better supported, more stable version. This gives API users the benefits of hundreds of Ruby bug fixes, but version 1.8.6 is also more strict on Ruby syntax. If a script is broken, you may need to contact the script's original author to get an upgraded version.
* The DWG and DXF import and export features now support 2010 versions of AutoDesk software.
* The Display shadows setting is now a button, not a checkbox. You can find it next to the timezone drop-down in the Shadow Settings dialog box.
* (Mac only) The Display shadows checkbox has been removed from the customized Shadows toolbar. You can get the same functionality by dragging the Shadows toggle separately to your customized toolbar.
* (Mac only) The Eraser and Zoom extents tools have been removed from the main toolbar. See this article for more information.
* (PC only) You can now save toolbar positions via the View > Toolbars > Save Toolbar Position menu item and then restore them via the View > Toolbars > Restore Toolbar Position menu item.

# The following notable issues have been fixed:

* The reported area of materials is now correct with scaled or internally rotated components.
* (PC only) Importing shortcuts on the PC now allows you to overwrite our defaults if you had changed them.
* (Mac only) Disabling Auto-activate paint tool now actually disables the auto-activation of the Paint tool.


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Google SketchUp 8.0.4811

# Shadows:
* The shadow bug has been fixed! Previously, when the eye was in shadow, artifacts that look like inverted shadows could show up over all or part of the screen and annoying flickering could show up during animations.
* The “shadow strings” bug has been fixed too. Previously, shadows could show string-like artifacts. There is now a Shadow Strings Fix toolbar which allows you to toggle on and off a fix for this issue.

# Push Pull and Follow Me:
* The Follow Me cursor is now correctly shown when using the Follow Me tool with pre-selected items.
* The Follow Me cursor is now correctly shown when activating the Follow Me tool via a keyboard shortcut.
* The Context menu items are now complete when activating the Push/Pull or Follow Me tools and right-clicking on an entity.
* (Mac only) Previously, certain shortcuts weren’t respected while using the Push/Pull tool. This issue has been fixed.

# Image export:
* (PC only) In this release, Windows users should be able to export images at a higher resolution. Export capabilities still depend on your computer environment but are now consistent between Mac and Windows machines.
* When exporting images with the camera.aspect_ratio set to a non-default value, block-like artifacts could be seen in the exported images. This issue has been fixed.

# Performance:
* In this release, SketchUp is now built using the /Largeaddressaware property on the PC. This change allows SketchUp to potentially allocate/address more memory on 64-bit machines. (Note: 64-bit users must have at least 1.89 GB RAM to see any improvement, and improvement is only noticeable in areas where memory was a limiting factor (e.g exporting images).

# Outliner (Mac only):
* Previously, when working in Outliner and selecting or editing entities, non-selected entities might expand or contract. Additionally, after scrolling in the Outliner, sometimes choosing an entity would select a different entity than desired. Both of these issues have been fixed.
* Search now works properly after minimizing and restoring the Outliner.
* Component and group names should now be visible in Outliner results after doing a keyword search. Found items are shown in red.
* The Rename context menu on the Outliner > Details menu works as expected and allows you to rename components and groups.
* Previously, when renaming a component by single clicking on the name in the Outliner, you couldn’t see the text as you typed it. You should now be able to see the text when renaming components or groups via this method.

# Add Location:
* (Mac only) Previously if you launched the Add Location dialog, kept it open, and then closed the SketchUp model, the Add Location dialog would no longer open. This issue has been fixed.
* Previously when navigating to a location and then taking a snapshot, the maps portion of the dialog re-sized in a way that was visually jarring. We have improved the appearance of the dialog in this case.

# Animation:
* In some cases, animations exported on the Mac in SU8 were not as smooth as they were in SU7.1. The underlying issue has been fixed.
* (PC only) You are now able to select a codec other than the default.
* (PC only) Estimated file size is now correct (previously it was reported always as 0).

# 3D Warehouse:
* Previously, uploading large models to the 3D Warehouse might fail. You should be able to upload models up to 10MB.
* (Mac only) Previously, when you searched in the Components browser and then clicked on a results link for the first time, you were sometimes brought to the wrong model in the 3D Warehouse. This has now been fixed and clicking on links should always bring you to the correct model.

# Outer Shell:
* When performing Solid tool operations on coplanar geometry where some of the geometry is on a hidden layer and some is not, geometry could incorrectly be removed. This issue is now fixed and the Solid tools ignore the hidden geometry in this specific case.

# Toolbars:
* Previously, when adding new Ruby toolbars and relaunching SU, existing Ruby toolbars could unexpectedly reposition themselves and Restore Toolbar positions would not restore toolbars to their original positions. This issue has been fixed. (Note: it is still possible for Ruby toolbars to become repositioned when deleting plugins.)

# Scenes:
* Geometry will not disappear when generating scene thumbnails in a model where hidden layers were created via Ruby.
* (Mac only) Scene thumbnails are only created if the Scenes dialog is open.
* (Mac only) When creating a scene via the View menu the scene thumbnail is now created immediately.

# Match Photo:
* Previously, when opening a model or creating a new matched photo scene, the active scene was not selected causing confusion as the settings shown in the Scenes panel could differ from the settings of the active scene. This issue has now been fixed.

# Localization:
* (Mac only) When using the “Save as” context menu for a component, the model will now be saved even when saving to a folder with international characters.
* Many translation fixes for localized versions of SketchUp.

# EPix:
* Five separate fixes for EPix export including correctly exporting similar-looking materials and materials that matched the background color, exporting the default front face color, and exporting edges correctly.

# Ruby:
* The View.pick_helper(x,y,aperture) method now respects arguments passed to it allowing the Bezier.rb and BZ tool plugins to work again.
* Over ten fixes for Ruby issues and a few new methods for Ruby developers. Please see the SketchUp Ruby API site for details.

# Crashes:
* We’ve resolved some of the top SketchUp crashes (as determined by our Bug Splat and BreakPad data). SketchUp should be more stable now.

# Other:
* (Mac only) On machines where Arial Bold and Arial Italic fonts were missing or corrupted, the Components dialog could be blank or unresponsive. This issue has been fixed and the Components browser should now work even in this case.
* Images correctly hide when editing components with “hide rest of model.”
* Walk tool no longer bounces when walking.
* Measurement toolbar works as expected when in the top toolbar.
* The customizable Standard Views tool palette no longer shows cryptic numbers for the tooltips.
* Watermarks behave as expected during scene transitions and when switching to a Matched Photo scene.
* The full text is visible for Entity Info for components or groups.
* Launching SketchUp by dragging and dropping a model to the SketchUp.exe now does a proper validity check.
* Previously, after switching scenes, the ground plane/edge effects and shadows over a background matched photo image degraded/flashed as you moved the mouse over the model. This flashing occurred until the model was modified. This issue should now be fixed.

# Preserve Scale on Resize - we worked on preserving scale to handle typical user workflows in a more efficient way.
* LayOut now rescales SketchUp models after editing.
* When editing a SketchUp model, “Preserve scale on resize” should be automatically disabled.
* Setting the scale of a model no longer changes the style back to the style seen in the “Last saved SketchUp view.”

# DWG/DXF export bug fixes:
* Dashed lines scaling is improved in export to DWG/DXF. (Note: if you're planning on viewing your export in Model space, you'll want to export to model space; if you're viewing in Paper space use that export instead.)
* Fixed three bugs affecting DWG/DXF Unicode character export.
* Rotated entities in scaled DWG/DXF export are place correctly.
* Export scale is correct when exporting to DWG/DXF model space.
* Metric scaling should be the correct scale.
* (Mac only) Previously, when exporting to DWG/DXF for the first time the page range of “All” wasn’t honored. This has been fixed.
* (Mac only) Lines break on a space when possible for DWG/DXF export.
* (Mac only) When lines break mid-word in a DWG/DXF export, the lines are complete.
* (Mac only) Previously, if you had text on more than one page of a DWG/DXF export, text would scale at an incorrect size on subsequent pages. This has been fixed.

# Localization:
* Fixed three bugs affecting DWG/DXF Unicode character export.
* (PC only) Previously, some Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters didn’t display properly at all or in Display mode. These characters should now be correctly visible.
* Various translation fixes including template names.

# Fonts:
* Previously, undoing a font color would link that action to the previous undo item, and you couldn’t undo just the font change. Now font color changes are their own undo item.
* Previously, if you had mixed-sized fonts in the same text box, the box would render differently than seen in text edit. Text now renders the same in both conditions.

# Other bug fixes:
* The "Scale to weight" drop-down in the Shape Style inspector better handles systems where a comma is used as the decimal separator.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when using Document Setup > References > Relink to link to invalid SketchUp file.
* Many Template fixes to make settings more consistent from template to template.
* Previously, you were not able to use a window select to select a clipped image unless you selected the entire hidden image bound. This issue has been fixed.
* Previously, when editing inside a group, clicking outside of a dimension, text, SketchUp model, or path editor would exit the entire group edit. This issue has been fixed.
* Previously, getting the center, endpoint, or on edge inference, would cause on face inferences stop working. This issue has been fixed.
* (Mac only) Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to edit a SketchUp file after doing so in presentation mode.
* (Mac only) Pan cursor correctly shows up with the shift key activated.

# Style Builder
* Previously, applying any color (other than black) to the strokes caused many of the lines to drop out in the Style Preview model. This issue has been fixed.


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Google SketchUp 8.0.11752

# New functionality
* OS X Lion support: With SketchUp M2, we now officially support the Lion operating system. See below for specific fixes.
* Ruby plugin improvements:
- Ruby manager: This version of SketchUp has a simple UI to install and upgrade Ruby extensions.
- .rbz file format: Ruby extensions typically consist of several files, so Ruby developers had to zip up those files into a standard .zip file and then give their users instructions on how to unzip them and where to place them. Now developers can zip up the files into the .rbz format and users can easily load an .rbz by going to Preferences > Extensions and clicking the “Install Extension” button.
- Ability to turn off all Ruby plugins: With this release, it's much easier to disable (and re-enable) Ruby plugins for troubleshooting purposes.
- Ruby plugin hooks: In addition to the above functionality, we have added several API hooks to allow Developers to more easily write their own Ruby extension managers.
* Advanced Camera Tools are now installed by default, so they no longer require a separate plugin.
* Account authentication: SketchUp now uses a more advanced technology to log into the 3D Warehouse. Instead of seeing the old SketchUp login dialog, you may see two dialogs, one prompting you for your username and password, and a second dialog asking for your permission to view and manage your 3D Warehouse data. As before, SketchUp should remember your login across sessions.
* SketchUp Pro Trial no longer reverts to free features at the end of the evaluation period. Instead, you'll be prompted to purchase a license or downgrade to SketchUp (free).
# The following issues have been fixed:
* OS X Lion issues
- Previously, when scene thumbnails were generated for models with background images (i.e., those with Match Photo scenes), SketchUp would hang and would need to be force closed. This issue has been fixed.
- The error message “Service not available. Try again later” was shown when logging into the the 3D Warehouse. This error should no longer occur and the login should be successful.
- SketchUp would hang in cases where it would have previously crashed. SketchUp will now no longer hang in these cases and the crash dialog that allows crash information to be sent should be presented again.
- When exporting dae/kmz files to two different directories, SketchUp would hang. This has been resolved.
- When certain snappy dialog boxes were stacked together and one of the dialogs in the stack was resized, the dialogs could break apart. They should now stay attached.
- Mouse scroll direction is now set up to be consistent with the normal SketchUp behavior. Prior to this release the OS X preferences controlled the scroll direction so zooming in and out appeared to be backwards.
- Previously, after making some kind of change to a scene (e.g., changing the camera), SketchUp would not reset the scene when clicking on the current scene tab. This issue has been fixed.
* Collada
We worked hard making sure that Google SketchUp’s Collada importer and exporter are compliant with official Collada standards, set by the Khronos group. As part of this effort, we used the official Khronos Collada test suite, and are now 92% compliant with Collada standards. The following bugs were fixed as part of this effort:
* Export:
- We fixed an issue where some transparent textures were not exported correctly.
- We now preserve texture names when exporting to the *.dae format.
* Import:
- Tags were not read correctly, resulting in a loss of textures on import.
- Transparent textures in some dae files failed to import (e.g. when the texture location is stored as a value directly under the tag).
- Textures in some dae files failed to import, resulting in an error.
- The geometry in some dae files (those with tags) imported incorrectly.
- When a color was specified only under the tag or when specifying the color using the tag, colors could fail to import.
- Some valid dae files failed to import.
- When colors or textures were specified in a tag under the technique they did not import.
- Importing transparency in some cases could yield a reversed transparency value (e.g. 1-correct_transparency instead of transparency).
- Newparam values under library_effect were incorrectly read.
- Crash when importing a file with a newparam under several different tags.
* Ruby: When SketchUp shows the Preferences > Extensions panel, it needs to ask all of the registered extensions for some metadata about themselves (e.g. name, author). Prior to this release, SketchUp would ask for this data on every mouse move. Now it should only ask for the metadata when showing the Extensions panel, which should improve performance.
SketchUp Writer C++ API: In earlier versions, ISketchUpGroup::CreateGroup became slower each time it was called. This shouldn't slow down any longer.
* Crashes
- Previously, when painting stand-alone soft/smoothed edges, SketchUp would crash. This crash has been fixed.
- (PC only) Under certain conditions including having the Components Browser open, SketchUp could crash on exit. This was our second most frequent crash and should now be fixed.
- (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) SketchUp previously crashed when opening or saving a model containing certain validity errors. This was our number one crash and should now be fixed.
- (Mac only) Previously, if you viewed a component collection, clicked the Previous button, and repeated those same viewing steps, SketchUp would crash. This crash has been fixed.
* Miscellaneous
- (Mac only) When changing the width and height Print fields on the Mac, the changes weren’t preserved, resulting in the inability to print to multiple pages. The print size settings should now be saved with the document and printing to multiple pages should be possible.
- (SketchUp Pro only) On rare occasions, SketchUp Pro would appear to accept a license, but access to Pro features was never granted. With this version, if you appear to be licensed, you should have access to all functionality including LayOut and Style Builder.
- (Mac only) When exporting to EPS or PDF on the Mac and setting scale values, the scale values were not accurate in the exported file. This issue should be fixed and scaling should be accurate with these formats.
# LayOut:
* We received a customer file that crashed due to an incorrect tag. We added error handling to fix this problem.
* We received a number of crash reports with comments like "I clicked on the style box and it crashed," "Using Scrapbook images," "I was changing type," and "attempting to open the tool palette." These crashes appeared to be coming from accessing tools on a page, so we changed the way we're accessing page content to fix these issues.
* We received a number of crash reports that were related to performing actions in LayOut. The descriptions included things like inserting, copying, moving, rendering, updating, and resizing SketchUp models. We were able to isolate the issue to a particular area, and we added error handling to fix this issue.
* LayOut previously crashed on DWG/DXF export with files that contained certain Chinese Unicode characters on Windows. This issue has been fixed.
* (Mac only) The Shadow Time for a SketchUp Model in LayOut should have the correct range now, however you adjust it. Previously, if you were adjusting via the circular knob it only allowed a range of 5:00 PM to 9:38 PM.


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SketchUp 8.0.15158

*Ova aplikacija se ne zove više Google SketchUp, već samo SketchUp. Google ju je prodao firmi Trimble Navigation Ltd*

# SketchUp
* The following issues have been fixed:
* SketchUp has been re-branded as a Trimble product. Most references to Google have been updated or removed as needed and we have a new icon. Some exceptions, such as the install path, still contain references to Google.
* Mac: Better support for Retina display.
- Text is easier to pick. Prior to M4, you had to click on the top left side of the text to select it and when edited, the text changed size, making it hard to edit.
- Text and dimensions display at a correct size.
- SketchUp now takes advantage of the full resolution of the Retina displays.
* Mac: Text boxes within web dialogs no longer display with a black background. After Apple’s release of Safari 5.16, text boxes within web dialogs (e.g., Add Location, Photo Textures, Add New Building, Dynamic Components and lots of the 3D Warehouse dialogs) could display with a black background, which made it impossible to see what you were typing.
* Mac: Installer is now recognized as coming from an “identified developer “ which complies with Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper feature.
* Windows: When sending to LayOut from SketchUp on a machine where LayOut had never been launched as an administrator, the send previously would fail. This issue has been fixed.
# LayOut
* The following issues have been fixed:
* LayOut, like SketchUp, has been re-branded.
* Mac: Better support for Retina display
- Mouse input is now recorded correctly.
- A SketchUp model view that is part of a subview that has been scaled renders correctly
- Text from a SketchUp model was shows up at the correct size. Prior to M4, text may have appeared very small.


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SketchUp 8.0.16846

# The following changes were made:
* We have new versions of both SketchUp and SketchUp Pro for the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. We have new SketchUp versions of Russian and Dutch.
* Windows: We fixed a bug in the DWG exporter that was preventing 2D from exporting properly.
* Mac: Drop down menus on the Dynamic Component Options dialog were missing arrows, making it hard to know that they could be “dropped down” to show different options. This issue should now be fixed.
* Mac: The new installer did set some folder permissions incorrectly. This issue should now be fixed.
* Ruby: Extension creator/copyright was incorrect when an extension creator/copyright was not specified. Previously, when a Ruby extension did not specify a creator via the extension.creator and extension.copyright methods, the extension defaulted to being created by “SketchUp” with a copyright attributed to “Trimble Navigation Limited.” With M5, the creator/copyright fields are left blank in this case.
* LayOut
- We have new versions of LayOut for the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Portuguese.


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