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X-Setup Pro

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X-Setup Pro [GIVEAWAY] 9.2.100

-Setup Pro is a tweaking tool that allows you to modify settings that are usually not accessible in Windows. This way, you have complete control over your computer system.

This application may have a straightforward interface, but you have to know a thing or two about the hidden layers of Windows to use X-Setup Pro.

But again, there's a nicely drawn help file you can check out if you are uncertain about something.

The GUI comes with four tabs - Main Applications, Helper Applications, Help and Links, and Windows Programs.

The last one lets you instantly access various utility tools found in Windows, such as DirectX, Windows Update, system restore, registry editor, disk cleanup, and others.

In Main Applications you can view a classic display (which shows all settings available within X-Setup Pro in a hierarchical view), classic in user mode view (which only shows settings for your user, so all computer settings are hidden), or access Seek & Tweak (which looks for settings to directly change them) and restore log (this is a very powerful utility similar to "system restore"; you don't need to create a backup because this tool can restore all previously used settings before using X-Setup Pro).

Enabling Classic or Classic in User Mode lets you access various keys found in Appearance, Common Annoyances, Hardware, Information, Internet, Network, Program Options, Startup or Shutdown, System, or Virtual Paranoia.

In addition, X-Setup Pro performs automatic updates, and you can even use it on a bootable disc.

The truth is that X-Setup Pro lets you access a lot of settings that you normally can't, but it is dangerous in the inexperienced hands.

CPU and memory resources are minimally used.

So, if you want a powerful tool that will allow you to manipulate even the toughest Windows settings, then by all means use X-Setup Pro. Else, try not to get too curious about its abilities. And yes, it's free!


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