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jv16 PowerTools

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jv16 PowerTools 2007 v1.7.0.388 Final

jv16 PowerTools 2006 is a complete toolkit to maximize the performance of any PC. With a user base comprising several million downloads, the program is used by both home and power users as well helpdesk and support personnel around the globe.
jv16 PowerTools allows users to remove hidden traces of previously uninstalled software, to clean the computer's Windows registry for optimal performance and stability, and to fix many registry-based problems with a single mouse click. The ultra-streamlined multilingual user interface allows the software to be used in all major languages, while automatic backup and safety features make the program very safe to use.

Jv16 PowerTools has main tools:
- Software Manager
- Startup Manager
- Registry Manager
- Registry Cleaner
- Registry Finder
- Registry Find and Replace
- Registry Monitor
- Registry Compactor
- Registry Information
- File Finder
- File Cleaner
- File Organizer
- Duplicate File Finder
- File Tool
- Directory Finder
- Directory Tool
- Disk Wiper
- Start Menu Fixer
- History/MRU Cleaner
- History Manager
- Cookie Manager
- Privacy Protector

New features of jv16 PowerTools 2007:
• New registry cleaner engine and user interface - The very first stateful registy cleaner ever made. The new engine doesn't analyze the registry entry by entry but as a whole, a single registry error can be relating to numerous registry entries and keys. Read more...
• New software uninstallation engine - the Software Manager is more accurate and can detect more leftover data than before. The tool can now also detect files and folders related to the software that is being uninstalled, not only registry data. Read more...
• New history cleaning engine and user interface - the History Cleaner can find more history data and MRU (most recently used) lists from both the registry and hard drives than before. And thanks to the fully redesigned user interface the tool is even easier to use. Read more...
• New user interface elements, such as new main graphics, new kind of message reporting, more detailed error reporting for advanced users and so on.

Download: http://www.macecraft.com/downloads/jv16pt_setup_hb.exe

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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duleNS ::Rogi reci mi molim te da li ima u novoj verziji Registry Manager-a cuveni Age System zbog kog koristim ovaj program v.1.4.1?
nema i ja sam je trazio ali nema.
koristio sam starije verzije ovog programa (bas zbog toga) a onda ih izbrisao i stavio novi.
sada vise nema toga Sad

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jv16 PowerTools 2007 Final

Download: http://www.macecraft.com/downloads/jv16pt_setup.exe

  • Pridružio: 19 Maj 2003
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Age System je bila cuvena jv16 PowerTools 1.4 opcija. Posle formatiranja, setup-a sistema, instalacije programa, otvoris jv16, Registry Manager, ukljucis Age System, selektujes sve i izaberes "Mark as Old".
Poenta je sledeca: posle tog trenutka, bilo kada, posle instalacija programa, bilo kakvog upisa u Registry, novi Registry kljucevi imaju atribut "New".
Njih naravno mozes markirati kao "Old" ili obrisati direktno. Na ovaj nacin postize se odlicna kontrola unosa u Registry.
Eto razloga ostanka na v1.4
Inace v1.7 u svemu izuzetna.

  • Pridružio: 01 Nov 2009
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Napisano: 18 Feb 2011 9:24

jv16 PowerTools 2011 v.

izmene nedostupne

Dopuna: 30 Mar 2011 14:41

jv16 PowerTools

Bug fix: Encrypting a file with the File Encrypter can in some cases delete the file, instead of encrypting it.
Bug fix: Disable feature of the Startup Manager does not work if the user has never used msconfig.
Bug fix: Even with A:\ in Global Ignore List, the floppy disk drive is being accessed when using the Fix feature of the Registry Cleaner or Clean and Fix My Computer.
Bug fix: Using the Registry Cleaner or Clean and Fix My Computer can cause the program to crash to error "Cannot create file. The system cannot find the path specified."
Bug fix: Using the Registry Cleaner or Clean and Fix My Computer can cause the program to crash to error "The application seems to be frozen."
Bug fix: File Cleaner and Clean and Fix My Computer can remove empty folders that are required by Norton Internet Security.
Bug fix: The second part of the Registry Compact process still says jv16 PowerTools 2010 instead of 2011.
Bug fix: Error messages displayed by the File Encryptor close automatically with the tool window.
Bug fix: Removing items from a result list can cause the program to crash to EAccessViolation.
Bug fix: Some tools do not honor the Global Ignore List if the list was modified during the same program session.

Improvement: Registry Cleaner and Clean and Fix My Computer now better support the Global Ignore List (the tools no longer suggest error fixing options that match the Global Ignore List, e.g. fix a broken reference to point to a disk drive ignored with the Global Ignore List).
Improvement: Improved the Registry Cleaner's ability to fix registry errors (instead of deleting the data).

Dopuna: 18 Jul 2011 21:29

jv16 PowerTools

Bug fix: Open in RegEdit feature does not open in some non-English versions of Windows.
Bug fix: Clean and Fix My Computer can crash if used with the Tag feature disabled.
Bug fix: The files ...\Cache\ProgramDirs.dat and ...\Cache\SearchDirs.dat can contain empty lines.
Bug fix: If you change a backup's description in the Backup Tool the change shows in the list immediately. However, if you close the tool and start it again in the same session, the change no longer shows. It will show in a new session.
Bug: The tooltips of Main Window's health gauges are not correct.
Bug: The program can display items of certain Anti-Virus products even if the option to ignore all data relating to Anti-Virus products has been selected under Additional Safety tab.
Bug fix: The program can access the floppy disk drive while performing the registry scan.
Bug fix: The main window's health gauges are not always correctly updated after an operation such as a registry cleanup.
Bug fix: It's not always possible to start the File Recovery tool using the Search by size feature.
Bug fix: The program can crash or freeze while fixing certain types of registry errors.
Bug fix: File Finder's Find By Content feature doesn't always work properly.
Bug fix: The Tag column doesn't always show, even if the option to use Tags has been selected from the Settings window.
Bug fix: Aborting a Custom Uninstall Software operation can crash the program to Access Violation.
Bug fix: Startin the program as the registered, full version, doesn't always delete the created Buy jv16 PowerTools web link from the desktop.

Improvement: The program will automatically search for a license during the Initial Setup.
Improvement: Improved the startup time of the program.
Improvement: Improved the program's ability to find temp files.
Improvement: Main window's Help menu no longer shows the Report Bug feature if you are running a beta level software. For beta level software, you should use the Report Bug feature under the Main window's Debug menu.
Improvement: The program's debug features such as the generation of the Debug Log has been greatly improved.

Dopuna: 01 Avg 2011 17:29

jv16 PowerTools

Bug fix: The program doesn't start in some systems, usually this occurs under a non-English Windows.
Bug fix: Registry Cleaner's Custom Fix feature can crash the program.
Bug fix: The program's main icon has jagged edges in some Windows.

Dopuna: 18 Apr 2012 2:05

jv16 PowerTools 2012

The 2012 edition comes with significant improvements such as a brand new tool called Immunize My Computer. The tool allows users to update their system host file quickly and easily by blacklisting known malware spreading websites. This can all be done with a single click.

Other improvements include:
· Even more powerful scanning features have been added to the Clean and Fix My Computer, providing greater safety and security for users.
· Major performance enhancements of the Software Uninstaller. This tool can now quickly find and list more software leftovers that block up the system, and can then uninstall this data.
· Users now have much easier access to Mass file rename, merge files, split files, remove files on reboot, find and replace data inside files and wipe files features from the main program window.
· Improved performance of the Disk Wiper.
· Improved accuracy of the registry cleaner engine.
· Full support for Windows 8.
· Updates to translation files are now downloaded automatically from our server, no need to download the entire program again only to get a new version of a translation.

Dopuna: 19 Maj 2012 13:08

jv16 PowerTools

 - Bug fix: The program can show an error "data.xbin corrupted" when starting.
 - Bug fix: Registry Compactor can show an internal error while doing the second phase of compact.
 - Bug fix: History Cleaner can report "failed to access" error when run in non-English version of Windows.
 - Bug fix: Running the Registry Cleaner (or Clean and Fix My Computer) can cause the list of accounts to disapear from Windows 7 login screen. The problem can be solved by restoring the backup created by PowerTools.
 - Bug fix: Removing specific kinds of data with the Registry Cleaner or any other registry tool of PowerTools can cause the program to crash to Access Violation at address 006C13A4.
 - Bug fix: Program can show "The application seems to be frozen." error message while running the Registry Cleaner (or Clean and Fix My Computer) with specific data in the registry.
 - Bug fix: Creating a desktop shortcut for specific tools might not work correctly.
 - Bug fix: Backup tool can show a backup in the wrong section, for example a File Cleaner backup under the Registry Backups tab.
 - Bug fix: Some tools, such as Mass Rename Files and Remove Files on Reboot had too little space for translated button captions.
 - Bug fix: The program can ask permission to check for new immunization data twice in a row.
 - Bug fix: The Action History menu item in the main window´s File menu does not work.
 - Bug fix: Cannot translate the Delete item in context menu in the Mass rename tool.
 - Bug fix: Cannot translate the "Tag" item in the Startup Manager.
 - Bug fix: The program can crash to Access Violation after closing the History Cleaner.
 - Bug fix: The captions of the following tools cannot be translated: File tool, Immunize my Computer and Directory tool.
 - Bug fix: System Optimizer can in some systems show up as a blank window without any content.
 - Bug fix: The desktop shortcut for each of the tools has the jv16pt.exe icon, not the icon of the specific tool.
 - Bug fix: History Cleaner backups are displayed in the wrong tab in the Backup tool (they should be displayed under Other backups)
 - Bug fix: Hungarian translation is always installed, yet it doesn´t show in the Setup´s list of available translations.
 - Bug fix: Some tool windows, for example the Settings window, do not show the currently active tab selection rectange.
 - Bug fix: The user interface of the Registry Cleaner (and Clean and Fix My Computer) can get confused with 64 bit registry data and this causes the Open in RegEdit feature to sometimes open an incorrect key.
 - Bug fix: Uninstalling PowerTools can leave the "Buy jv16 PowerTools" shortcut to desktop.
 - Bug fix: Uninstalling PowerTools can leave PowerTools´ tool shortcuts to desktop. These can be created from the main window´s Tools > Add shortcut to desktop... menu.
 - Bug fix: Settings Integration with Windows feature doesn´t work properly.
 - Bug fix: Fixed a few typos from the English user interface (English.lng).
 - Bug fix: Immunize my Computer can ask the permission to connect the Internet two or three times in a row.
 - Bug fix: It´s not possible to translate certain texts of the File Encryption feature by editing the English.lng
 - Bug fix: Decrypting a file can crash the program to Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window error message.
 - Improvement: Added a command line switch "-Immunize" to start the Immunize My Computer tool.
 - Improvement: Made the "Undo Immunization" feature easier to find from the Tools menu of the Backup tool.
 - Improvement: Added a recommendation for the user to restart the program after disabling or enabling the Tag System, as its settings are not updated on-the-fly to already opened tools.
 - Improvement: Made the GUI of the program more responsive.
 - Improvement: All the found items are now automatically checked when uninstalling a software with the Software Uninstaller.
 - Improvement: Updated most of the user interface icons.
 - Improvement: Added Settings, Backups and Action History to Main Window > Tools > Add shortcut to Desktop.
 - Note: The implementation of Settings > Integration with Windows has been changed.

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PowerTools Lite 2013

PowerTools Lite 2013 is the freeware edition of jv16 PowerTools Windows utility suite. PowerTools Lite 2013 allows you to easily clean up your Windows registry, fix registry errors and clutter, and immunize your computer against known online threats.

Key Features
· Highly customizable Registry Cleaner tool - clear unused registry entries.
· Immunize My Computer tool - stay safe from dangerous websites
· Powerful Backup feature - peace of mind that your files are safe.
· Fully multilingual user interface

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jv16 PowerTools v5.0.0.484
February 3, 2020
Release notes: https://jv16powertools.com/jv16-powertools-update-released-version-5-0-0-484/

Download: https://jv16powertools.com/pricing/

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