FBI is monitoring this computer


FBI is monitoring this computer

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Ma to je nista nemas brige neko ti uletio u Comp sigurno pa se zajebava malo, samo se cuvaj da neode HDD ...

Pozdrav ...

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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Mislim stvarno... imate sve lepo objasnjeno u teks fajlu koji ide uz program fbi.exe

>> FBI Joke/Funny Program <<

READ all the readme text before executing the fbi.exe

The main idea of this program is to create a *real* warning
of the FBI in Internet.
Failing in searching for similar programs in internet, i decided
to create my own.

What it does:

Version 8:
- Fixed MSN Messenger Popup like latest 6.2 with slideshow and sound (identically as real one)
- Added some warning signs and design to main warning form.
- Added keyboards lights joke. It uses Random lights on/off
(capslock+scroll lock+numlock)
- Added New Printer options and texts such as printing yourself.
- Added more bookmarks of different government agencies (CIA)

Version 7 Update:
- Webcam capture of the victims and print the picture and upload to a remote site. Like FBI Most Wanted (still testing the upload, so just see yourself jeje)
- Added IP Log and Computer name to the FBI Scanner
- Change some texts on the scanner (suggested by users)
- Beta-testing CTRL+ALT+DELETE cancel via process kill
of taskmagr.exe
- Added possibility of closing desire running applications such as winamp, or any devices at startup (desactivated until users suggest which one to kill, just winamp is tag so victims could listen the sounds correctly )
- Removed the possibility of closing via Escape Key

Version 6 update:
- Fake FBI Scanning of your files (as antivirus does)
- Added FBI Desktop logo some warning texts
- Change the text of FBI favorites to a new one complete
- Change IE windows title to: "FBI is monitoring this computer"
- FBI Media - Awesome FBI Director Speech with Windows Media Player

Version 5 update:
- Change default webbrowser startup page to: www.fbi.gov
- Change Label of your C: Drive to "FBI"
- Add a Favorite URL to your browser (FBI Office)
- Change your default wallpaper to FBI Logo
- Activates Merlin Agent and gives you a nice animation FBI message

- open your default internet browser with FBI site (www.fbi.gov)
- remove taskbar while executing
- Show a FBI Warning banner in red
- Prevents mouse movement until its end
- change mouse cursor with a nice icon
- Play a "Police" warning sound
- Ejects ALL Cds, Dvds, etc
- Scary Disk A: Sound
- Play horny sirene
- Activate your printer with a FBI office Address
- Display MSN Messenger Popup with a FBI contact
- Open your Default Mailer program with FBI email address
- Kill Process routine (notepad. If you need more contact me)
- Try to find the Easter Egg

Ideas, bugs, or comments, feel free to contact me

Upcoming in next version....
- Fake FBI Chat
- open your Dialer/modem to dial FBI Office

For testing yourself, the program is completely harmless.
In case, you like to change the windows title "FBI is monitoring your computer", just enter Regedit (RUN > regedit) and enter.
Use the search option and enter "monitoring", and it will find the windows title. Just leave it blank, or put whatever you like.
Or go via the registry path:
The Registry key is:

(here it is the longest number you see)
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Disclaimer :
This software is only for private use and for educational purposes.
You agree by downloading this program to use in your private PC only, and do not distribute it to others without the written permission of the author.

It doesnt contain any backdoor/trojan/keylogger if it is download
from my official website. Else, it is your choice to execute the file.

Made by Droopy - Argentina - 2004
Email: javier_falbo@hotmail.com
Website: www.droopy.tk

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