Kaspersky Anti-Virus® for Microsoft Exchange Server 00/03

Kaspersky Anti-Virus® for Microsoft Exchange Server 00/03

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 is designed to provide antivirus protection for mailboxes and shared folders on MS Exchange Server 2000/2003.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus performs the following functions:

Scanning and analyzing incoming and outgoing email messages for malicious code. This analysis includes all attributes and attachments of the email message.
Processing attributes and attachments of email messages. Depending on the settings used, the application disinfects, deletes malicious objects or warns the user about their detection.
Saving backup copies of e-mail messages before disinfecting or deleting infected message; copies are saved to a special storage area for consequent restoration, which rules out the possibility of the data loss.
Configurable filter parameters enable adminstrators to easily find initial copies of all objects.
Notifying the sender, the recipient and the system administrator about a message that contains malicious code.
Maintaining an event log and creating regular reports about the operation of the application and the status of antivirus protection. The application creates reports based on in-built templates with a specified degree of detail at specified intervals.
Detecting virus outbreaks and notification. The application detects attempts to mass mail infected messages both from the Internet and from inside the corporate network.
Configuring settings affecting the operation of the application based on the volumes and the features of the traffic and on the properties of the hardware installed (RAM, computer speed, number of processors, etc.) in both manual and automatic modes.
Updating anti-virus database from the Internet in both manual and automatic modes. The antivirus database can be updated from Kaspersky Lab's ftp or http update servers.
Checking old messages (that were analyzed earlier) for the presence of new viruses every day after the antivirus database update or according to a set schedule. This check is performed in the background mode and does not have a significant effect on the efficiency of the mail server.
Creating a list of protected storage areas - this adds flexibility in complying with license restrictions on the number of protected mailboxes.
Managing license keys.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for MS Exchange Server includes the following components:

Security server that provides antivirus functionality and updating of the anti-virus database; it also includes administrative services for configuring and ensuring the integrity of the application and of the stored data.

Management Console that provides the user interface for managing the administrative services of the applications and allows to install the application, configure settings and to manage the server component. The management module is implemented as the extension of Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Version 6.0 has the following new features or modifications:
Completely redesigned convenient graphical interface implemented according to MMC (Microsoft Management Console) standards. Using the new interface, the administrator can start using the application without configuring any preliminary settings; this interface also offers a wide range of options for configuring the customized application management environment that can be adapted to the conditions of any particular corporate network.

Object backup before disinfection, deletion or renaming: suspicious objects can be restored or to sent to Kaspersky Lab for analysis. The possibility to create and use customized filters simplifies the search for information you need.

Network behaviour blockers prevent virus outbreaks and issue notifications: administrators can respond to emergency situations in a timely fashion and/or adjust antivirus protection for the mail server.

The application can be scaled according to the number of processors used on the protected server. In order to enhance the efficiency of the application (increasing the number of objects analyzed at the same time) several antivirus engines can be launched and run simultaneously.

The possibility of analyzing objects in the computer memory has been extended. Using scan settings configurations, it is now possible to analyze up to 10 objects residing in RAM up to 1 MB each without using the disk subsystem.

The log maintaining system has been drastically improved. It is now possible to configure the level of detail for data stored in logs as well as the extent of the details. Log viewing fis supported by standard MS Windows tools Events viewing.

It is now possible to create regular extended reports about the application's operation and the status of the antivirus protection. Reports can be created either in automatic mode or at the administrator's request. The report maintaining system ensures fast, convenient and unified access to all information using standard tools, for example MS Internet Explorer. There is a provision for sending reports by e-mail.

There is also a new method for notifying users about the detection of infected and suspicious objects and virus outbreaks threats using the .NET Send network tool.

Please send your feed-back to exchangebeta@kaspersky.com

This software may not be used for comparative product testing, nor may it be used for product reviews or benchmark testing without the prior written consent of Kaspersky Labs.

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