Razlika između KAV personal i KAV personal pro

Razlika između KAV personal i KAV personal pro

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  • Pridružio: 12 Mar 2005
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  • Gde živiš: Novi Sad


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Ovo je recimo e-mail sto sam ja dobio......


Kaspersky Personal, Personal Pro and Business Optimal Workstation are
very similar products. In fact, Personal Pro and Workstation are nearly
identical. The only difference between the two versions is the Workstation
version can be configured to scan network resources and also
integrates with the available Kaspersky Admin Kit (centralized network
management console). Personal Pro, meanwhile, includes a component
called "Inspector" (more on this below).

All of the products proviide script checking and support Kaspersky's
patented iStreams technology for faster scanning. Each of the three
deliver unparalleled protection against viruses, malware, spyware,
exploits (including Microsoft Office macro viruses).

Kaspersky Personal Pro and and KAV Workstation include a component
called "Office Guard".

Office Guard

This module of Personal Pro is specifically designed to potentially
malicious behavior prevalent with the Microsoft Office suite of
applications. While all three products offer complete protection
from all known Office-based viruses, this exclusive feature of
Personal Pro takes it a bit further. Office Guard constantly
controls all macros executed on your computer, and prohibits
any suspicious action. It provides users which a finer level of
control over VB and VBA applications and script files.
***** IMPORTANT: KAV Personal will STILL detect and secure computers
against all MSOFFICE-based viruses and exploits. The Office Guard
component does not provide additional protection, just more control.

Kaspersky Personal Pro includes one additional component - Inspector.


Personal Pro includes an integrity checker, KAV Inspector, that
traces any/all content modifications to files on your computer. If
Inspector detects a virus attack (unauthorized changes in files
or system registry), it will enable the complete disinfecting and
recovery of your disk. Inspector does not require anti-virus database
updates, since it checks the integrity by developing the hard disk
files' CRC database and later, when started again, checking files
for CRC modifications against the database. Unlike other integrity
checkers, our Inspector supports all of the most commonly used
executable file formats. This increases productivity five-fold
while maintaining a high level of protection and reliability

Best regards,


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