Steganos Security Suite 2007

Steganos Security Suite 2007

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Dali je neko cuo za ovaj program Steganos Security Suite 2007 9.0.6

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Pa,culi smo ali izgleda da ga retko ko ima instaliranog!

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Steganos Security Suite™ 2007

NEW Safe Size 4 times bigger
Every Safe contains now up to 256 GB! Install as many secure hard drives you need ­ in real time with 256 Bit AES.
NEW Outlook Safe
Protect E-Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks from Outlook in your Safe Access only possible with your password.
NEW iPod® as key to your hard drive or as Portable Safe
Use your iPod® to open your Safe ­ or use it as Safe when you are en route.
NEW Private Favorites
Now you can save images as well in your password protected list of favorites.
NEW Hotkey-Support
Open and close the Safe with practical shortcuts.
NEW E-mail Encryption
Create self-decrypting e-mails: now you can send whole folders via e-mail.
NEW Mobile Password Manager
Have your passwords always with you ­ of course encrypted: Thanks to the Password Manager on your Pocket PC. Including synchronization tool for your computer: This way, new and updated passwords are automatically transferred to your Pocket-PC.
NEW Steganos PicPass
Remember a sequence of images to open your Safe.
Internet Trace Destructor
Destroys surf- and work traces. Including Cookie Administration and XP protection.
Destroys sensitive data irrevocably. Also includes the DeepSpace Shredder.
AntiTheft Protection
In case your laptop gets stolen, Steagnos AntiTheft can provide you with information that may serve to recuperate your computer.
Hide and Seek: Steganography
Hide sensitive data in pictures and music.

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