FreeBSD: Status Izvestaj za Januar - Mart 2010

FreeBSD: Status Izvestaj za Januar - Mart 2010

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Objavljen je FreeBSD tromesecni izvestaj koji obuhvata dogadjanja vezana za projekat u proteklih tri meseca. Izvestaj sadrzi niz veoma interesantnih stvari. Jedna od njih je i Clang/LLVM koji ce doci kao zamena za GCC.

Citat:FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report


This report covers FreeBSD related projects between January and March 2010. Being the first of the four reports planned for 2010 with 46 entries, it shows a good progress of the FreeBSD Project and proves that our committers are keeping up with the latest trends in the OS development. During this period, a new minor version of FreeBSD, 7.3-RELEASE, has been released, while the release process for 8.1-RELEASE is soon to begin and is planned to be released later this summer.

Thanks to all the reporters for their excellent work! We hope you enjoy the reading.

Please note that the deadline for submissions covering the period between April and June 2010 is July 15th, 2010.

Google Summer of Code
Google Summer of Code 2010
Chromium web browser
Clang replacing GCC in the base system
EFI support for FreeBSD/i386
Modular Congestion Control
NAND Flash framework for embedded FreeBSD
Out of Tree Toolchain
PC-BSD PC-SysInstall Backend
The tbemd branch

FreeBSD Team Reports
FreeBSD Bugbusting Team
Release Engineering Team
The FreeBSD Foundation

Network Infrastructure
(Virtual) Network Stack resource cleanup
802.11n support
Atheros AR9285 support
Enhancing the FreeBSD TCP Implementation
Experimental NFS subsystem (NFSv4)
ipfw and dummynet enhancements
net80211 rate control framework
TCP/UDP connection groups

CAM-based ATA implementation
Dynamic Ticks in FreeBSD
IPv6 without legacy IP kernel
Multichannel playback in HDA sound driver (snd_hda)
Rewrite of FreeBSD read/write path using vnode page
SUJ: Journaled Softupdates

The FreeBSD German Documentation Project
The FreeBSD Hungarian Documentation Project

Userland Programs
FreeBSD port for libunwind
LDAP support in base system

FreeBSD/arm port for TI DaVinci
FreeBSD/mips on D-Link DIR-320
FreeBSD/powerpc64 port

Ports Collection

BSDCan 2010 — The BSD Conference
meetBSD 2010 -- The BSD Conference

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