Od majkrosofta neka nebuloza,zamolio bih za pomoc

Od majkrosofta neka nebuloza,zamolio bih za pomoc

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Dakle pisao sam majkrosoftu mozda davno sada mi je stiglo :

For Your Attention:

If you are the true owner of this email ID, please contact Microsoft Office (zone E) to enable us re-confirm and release your Endowment Fund to you.

We are taking this preventive measure to avoid releasing your endowment fund cheque to a wrong hand due to the sensitivity of the Microsoft and Bill Gate Endowment Fund Award. Other details will be forward to you as soon as you confirm your ownership of this email ID.

Mr. Kenneth Obi
Microsoft Officer (Zone E)

zatim sam ja vratio email : i onda mi je stigao neki nebulozan tekst


I am Sorry For Not Replying Your Email Immediately I Received It, This Is Because I was Waiting For Instructions From Our Head Office On the Present Situation Before I Can Communicate With You. Do bear it in mind that i do not know you, neither have i met you before, but my contacting you is based on the instruction given to me by the management.


Microsoft Corporation is a Multinational Computer Technology Corporation, Which Rose To Dominate The Home Computer Operating System Market With MS-DOS in the mid-1980s, followed by the Windows line of operating systems. Throughout its history the company has been the target of criticism for various reasons, including monopoly status and anti-competitive business practices including refusal to deal and tying. The U.S. Justice Department and the European Commission, among others, have ruled against Microsoft for various antitrust violations. This is the more reason why we have decided to impact changes in the world today.

Due to the Profit Max Of the Company, We Were Mandated By the United Nations (UN), to Always Use a Reasonable Percentage Of Our Profit to Help the Society at Large. It Is In View Of this That The Management of the Company Came up With This Program to Always Empower and Assist Some Individuals, Non-Governmental Agencies Like the United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), Future Group Europe, World Action Committee On AIDS e.t.c Financially. We are Committed to Sharing and Giving Monies and other Assistance to Individuals And Organizations from a Reasonable Percentage Of Our Annual Profit to Enhance and Promote their Activities For the Sake Of Humanity.

That Is, Microsoft Company Since 2007 Enhances a Hundred People With Financial Assistance to Liberate and support their Humanitarian activities and Help their Society With a Better Living. This period, Microsoft Corporation has Realized Profit Which Is About 1.7% Higher Than What We Realized In previous year, It Is In View Of this That Nine Hundred and Fifty Million United State Dollars ($950,000,000.00) Have Been Released to Be Shared Among One Hundred Active Microsoft Internet Products Users This Period, Leaving Each Person With Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars ($950,000.00) each.


The Microsoft Corporation Selected Email Addresses Of Active Microsoft Procuts Users, And Your Email Address Was Submitted as One Of Product Users For The Period By our Online Monitoring Experts. After Email Addresses Have Been Submitted By our Online Monitoring Experts, The Best One Hundred Staffs For The Year That Have Been Picked From Over a Hundred Branch Offices Of the Microsoft Company are then Invited Where they Will Be Privileged to Pick One Email Address Each at Random. Mrs. Julian Wang from our Japan office picked your email address when she was asked to pick at random, therefore making you one of the beneficiaries in this period’s endowment fund award. This means that you have benefited an Endowment Fund of Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars ($950,000.00)


Since This Is Neither a Lottery nor a Gambling Winning, You are Expected to Claim Your Funds In this Branch office as Zoned by the Management, The Reason Why It was Zoned Is to Avoid Mix Up Of Claims and Unnecessary Crowding or Clustering Environment In Any Of Our Offices. This Is Why Beneficiaries Was Zoned Into Ten Different Zones Of Ten (10) Beneficiaries Each, I am Pleased to Inform You That You are to Claim Your Endowment Fund Here at Zone E With the Head Office Here In Benin City and I am the Officer In charge Of Zone E.


Your Funds Will Be Released to You any Moment From Now, But Before Any Further Processing, We Need to Have Your Information Registered in Our Database, Please Fill The Form as Below.

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da li je imao neko ovakav slican tekst i sta predstavlja zapravo

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skroluj do negde malo ispod sredine stranice, pa ces tamo naci isti mail.

Jesi li pogledao mail adresu sa koje je mail poslat?

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Rekao bih da je prevara. Cim M$ nudi neke pare.

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Ha, Kenneth Obi, legenda interneta Very Happy. Takvih mejlova ima koliko hoces, samo zaguglaj njegovo ime i sve ce ti se samo kasti Razz ...



Itd ...

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ovo je prvi mail koji je slao


Dopuna: 02 Avg 2010 10:28

i drugi


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Broken engrish, Kenneth Obi, gmail adresa, priča o parama = nigerijska prevara

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